Better Pizza Bags, Better Pizza: Why this Pizzeria Only Trusts Cambro Pizza Delivery GoBags

“Let’s just order a pizza” is a phrase Americans have been saying for decades. There’s just something about getting a hot, fresh pizza delivered to your door. This sentiment has been amplified during the coronavirus pandemic; with many brands reporting double digit increases in sales. However, no matter what is happening in the world, Americans will always rely on pizza delivery to fuel their celebrations, dinner mishaps and casual nights in. It’s important to have a pizza delivery bag that ensures your customers receive the quality pizza they’re dreaming about when placing their order. Are your pizza bags keeping up?

Aaron “Bucky” Jaszewski, General Manager at Pizza Luce in Minnesota, had been ordering the same lackluster pizza bags for years.

“I was out at the [National Restaurant Association] convention in Chicago last May and…I wanted to find a better pizza bag. I’ve used all the different brands, the last ones I was using was just stuff off Amazon because I felt like the quality was all the same,” said Jaszewski.

That was, until he saw Cambro’s Pizza Bags.

“The things that stand out the most with [Cambro Pizza Bags] would be, probably number one, is the Velcro. It holds the best. The stitching…the material itself, because a lot of the bags that we’ve used in the past tend to start peeling. It keeps the heat in the best out of all the bags,” said Jaszewski.

After using Cambro Pizza Bags at one Pizza Luce location, Jaszewski and his team were so happy with the bags that they decided to outfit all nine locations with them.

“It’s my drivers that really gave me the feedback on it, and [the pizza bags are] holding up almost just like new as we got them. The quality is top notch,” said Jaszewski.

Made with polyester fabric and high-quality insulation, Cambro Pizza Bags provide superior moisture control, temperature retention and durability. Sewn in nylon straps and clear ticket pouch offer strength and efficiency. Additionally, Cambro Pizza Bags can be personalized with your operation’s name or logo.

“I was just going to order them plain, but then [my Cambro rep] told me that there was an option to personalize them. I decided, well, let’s just see how it looks, so I gave him a logo and I thought that the sample turned out really, really good. It just looks better. You got your name on it, it looks really good,” said Jaszewski.

Personalizing Cambro’s Pizza Bags increases your brand’s visibility and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. For pizzerias that own their delivery and don’t use third-party apps, it’s especially important to remind your customers why you do it.

“We take a lot of pride in what we do, so we want to make sure the quality of food is there, it’s hot, we’re getting there within a reasonable time to the customer because you never know with those other third-party places,” said Jaszewski.

Since using Cambro’s Pizza Bags, Jaszewski has seen an increase in the Pizza Luce product quality during delivery.

“I used to notice that it would happen every so often, where we’d get a complaint, but really since the new [Cambro Pizza Bags], I haven’t really noticed that,” said Jaszewski.

Now that Jaszewski doesn’t have to worry about temperature retention, he can focus on the best part of Pizza Luce: the pizza! Two of their top selling specialty pizza varieties are the Ruby Rae, an upside-down pizza pie with the red sauce on top, and the Baked Potato, buttery, garlic baby red mashed potatoes topped with broccoli, fresh-diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese and chopped bacon. Keep pizza hot and fresh from oven to table with Cambro Pizza Bags. Available in standard and premium models with up to seven sizes, there is a pizza bag to fit your operation. Constructed by hand at our Huntington Beach, Calif. factory, Cambro Pizza Bags are designed to go the extra mile. Contact your Cambro rep to find the right pizza bag for your operation today.


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