Arizona Baker Sustains Business with Coronavirus-Inspired Cakes


While many small businesses are struggling to retain customers, Lizzy’s Treats is finding steady success by creating inventive cononavirus-inspired baked goods. With millions of Americans under quarantine, something as simple as a birthday cake can give someone the comforting feeling they’ve been missing.  Elizabeth Armijo, owner of Lizzy’s Treats, is baking up desserts that are not only delicious, but they give customers some much-needed comic relief.


Armijo was first contacted by a returning customer about making a cake designed to looked like toilet paper after the pandemic began. Soon afterward, Armijo was contacted by actress Vanessa Morgan, who stars on the popular television show Riverdale, about making a similar cake for her birthday.

“Vanessa contacted me and wanted a toilet paper cake as well and then she asked, ‘Do you think everybody is ordering these right now?’ I said, ‘You know they’re actually becoming quite popular’,” said Armijo.

Not missing a beat, Armijo suggested making a cake designed to look like a container of Lysol wipes. Morgan’s response: “Oh my gosh, let’s just go for it.” She also requested editing the label to include “Kills 99.9% of Covid 19 and Flu Virus.”

After Morgan posted about the cake on her Instagram, the photos went viral—much like the virus it was inspired by.

“It’s been amazing. It’s been shared thousands of times all over the world, which was great,” said Armijo. “I never thought this small, hometown baker would go viral.”

Since then, she’s had people from Arizona, Georgia, California and New Jersey contact her to order her toilet paper and Lysol specialty cakes. Although Armijo doesn’t ship and only takes orders she can physically deliver to, she is suggesting admirers of her cakes to contact their local bakers and order from them instead.

“I would encourage you to find a local small business and support them. Because I know a lot of people are hurting right now for the business and if they have any questions, I would be more than happy to be able to say go for it, copy my cake. It’s great, you need the template? I’ll send it to you,” said Armijo.

Multiple businesses have already contacted her to use her design.

Although Armijo’s business remains steady, she has seen a decrease in the scale of her designs. Thankfully, the popularity of the Armijo’s coronavirus-inspired cakes don’t show any signs of stopping soon. She had an order for one Lysol specialty cake last weekend, and she has two more on the books in the coming weeks.

See more of Armijo’s designs on her website and Instagram.

We love seeing how creative ideas like this are helping sustain local businesses during this time. The power of social media truly has no bounds. Comment below to share what you or your local businesses are doing to keep orders coming in your area.


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