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How to Stage Takeout Orders Efficiently and Safely

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Although your foodservice operation may have offered takeout in the past, the service now has unique challenges. The less contact employees have with customers the better. Overnight, foodservice operations have been asked to adjust their day-to-day models and at first, the task can seem overwhelming. With the right equipment, transitioning from full service to takeout-only can be more seamless than you’d think. We outline the elements of an efficient takeout station:

  1. Create an organized, solid foundation

Camshelving is an extremely valuable asset for takeout operations because of its versatility and easy assembly. Create the foundation of your takeout station by moving mobile or stationary shelving units into your dining room. Use ID tags to organize orders by name or order number so customers can easily grab their order and go.

Check out this Camshelving Elements Series Mobile Unit from a Papa Murphy’s location. They regularly use it to stage ready-to-bake pizzas that are waiting for customers to pick them up.

  1. Add temperature maintenance tools

Maintain food temperatures until customers arrive by choosing the Cam GoBox Top Loader. EPPCTLPKG110_A1R0_0718_S02Compatible with either hot or cold food, Cam GoBox Top Loaders keep food at the ideal temperature and out of the danger zone for at least four hours. The result is food quality that is consistent with your usual dine-in meals. If you want to keep cold foods, like salads, extra crisp, add a Camchiller to your Cam GoBox.

  1. Uphold food safety protocols

Both Camshelving and Cam GoBoxes are designed for easy, effective and efficient cleaning. Camshelving is not only rust-free, but shelf plates are permanently molded with an antimicrobial protection inhibit the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria. It doesn’t get much more hygienic than that. However, if you want to go the extra mile and clean your shelving daily, Camshelving shelf plates can be quickly taken off and run through a commercial dishwasher. Cam GoBoxes are designed to be cleaned frequently with a cloth or sponge and any mild commercial detergent suitable for plastic surfaces. Plus, they’re resistant to most oil, grease, and chemicals.

Cambro products are designed to be food safe, powerful and supportive of your operation’s food quality goals. Give your customers the same satisfaction they get in your dining room when they order takeout. Click here to find your nearest retailer, online retailers and your local Cambro rep.


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