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Provide Safe, Efficient Curbside Service with Cam Gobox

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We always preach that food safety is paramount, but it’s more important now than ever. With many restaurants shifting their focus to curbside pickup, there are efficient ways to keep food ready for customers before arrival to ensure it will be kept safe and fresh. Encourage your customers to keep coming in by providing the same quality food to their car as you do to their table. The most effective Cambro product for this job is the Cam GoBox.

Lightweight, affordable and designed to keep food hot or cold and out of the danger zone for at least four hours, Cam GoBoxes are a necessity for curbside service. Employees can fulfill orders, package everything up and place containers inside Cam GoBoxes to await the customer’s arrival. Food is held safe, at temperature and untampered.

To differentiate between multiple GoBoxes, choose colored GoBox lids or utilize the built-in label area on the front of all GoBoxes. Employees can then create a color-coded system or write on labels to specify each box’s contents based on temperature, pickup time or allergies.

Cam GoBoxes are durable, easy to clean and resistant to most oil, grease and chemicals. Combine Cam GoBoxes with a Camdolly Compact for easy maneuverability and out of the way storage.

Watch the video below to see Cam GoBoxes applied to a curbside pickup operation:

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