3 Key Features Every Delivery Bag Needs

delivery and pizza bag

Having trouble keeping your food in top condition during delivery? The type of delivery bag you use can drastically affect the presentation, temperature and overall appeal of your food. Whether you’re delivering pizza, meals or catering orders, Cambro has a Delivery GoBag® for you. In addition to being easy to clean and route, we found three more features delivery bags should have to provide the best off-premise service:

  1. Temperature Retention

The first priority in food delivery is to keep orders at safe food temperatures during transport. One of the biggest problems with food delivery is temperature retention. When food arrives to your customer’s door, you want it to be as good as if they came to your restaurant. Food can retain its hot or cold temperature best when carried in a bag with high quality insulation. Choose the right size bag for your delivery by using our To-Go Container Solution. Using the correct size can help keep hot food hot and cold food cold by eliminating ambient air in the bag. No one wants a warm salad or cold spaghetti. Cambro Delivery GoBags are available in three sizes, making it easy to find the right bag for your application. Retain your customers by providing a service that is a step above with impressive food temperatures and presentation. When delivering pizza, Cambro Pizza GoBags are made from a breathable material will help control moisture and keep your crust crispy, not soggy.

PROTIP: Keep food extra cold by putting your delivery bags inside your walk-in while cold orders are being prepared. If you need your food to go the extra mile, use Hot or Cold Gel Packs.

medium delivery bag

  1. Personalization

Make your delivery bags work overtime by adding your operation’s logo or name to the front or top of the bag. This increases the chances customers will see your brand from start to finish—and remember it. In the competitive world of foodservice, you want customers to connect your business’ name with the delicious food they just ordered. Personalization also adds another layer of professionality to your delivery service. If you are keeping your delivery in-house, you want to distinguish yourself from the other services out there.

Restaurant Business warns operators about the possible brand damage that can occur when a business doesn’t control their delivery: “Despite a negative experience at the hands of a third-party delivery driver not being the restaurant’s fault, consumers tend to blame the brand itself, which can have a detrimental impact on the hard-earned reputation that the restaurant has taken years—maybe even decades to build up.”

When customers see your driver arrive with their food inside a clean, insulated and personalized delivery bag, they are already subconsciously having a positive experience. Cambro offers both embroidered and heat transferred personalization for all delivery bag models.

pizza bag personalized

  1. Space Saving

One challenge for operations starting to deliver is working an additional service in the same amount of space. While you will likely need to set aside an area for your delivery supplies, choosing efficient and compact items will serve you best in the long-run. Using foldable delivery bags can help keep your operation organized and efficient. When you keep your delivery bags neatly stacked, there is less of a chance they will end up getting torn and lost within the restaurant. Cambro’s Folding Delivery GoBags are easy to fold and stay closed thanks to a hook and loop fastener; these bags were designed with limited storage space in mind.


Insulated bags are just the beginning when it comes to delivery tools. Check out three more Cambro products that can help your delivery operation here or visit www.cambro.com.


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