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When the summer temperatures begin, one thing is for sure: guests are ready to drop their bags and head straight for the pool. Is your operation ready for the busy summer season ahead? Cambro makes several products to keep guests’ drinks full, cold and flowing. Check out the five Cambro products your operation needs for a successful summer season:

  1. Drinkware

In the weeks ahead of a vacation, customers dream about the moment they’ll finally arrive to their hotel and receive a drink by the pool. Cambro Tumblers and Aliso Barware keep thirsty customers satisfied while delivering a standard of elegance outside. Huntington, Laguna and Del Mar, Newport and Lido Tumblers have an especially luxurious look because they’re designed to mimic glass. These tumblers and Cambro’s line of Aliso Barware look great without the risk of accidents from broken glass. In addition to being an attractive product, Cambro’s drinkware designs save money and waste. Think of all the half-empty disposable plastic cups that go straight in the trash every day. Cambro’s drinkware are made with durable plastics that are impact resistant and last for years. If you’re looking to boost your brand awareness, all of these products can be personalized.


  1. Camtread trays

Now that you have a beautifully crafted cocktail, customers love service directly to their lounge chairs. Carry drinks safely and carefully to customers thanks to Camtread trays’ thick non-skid rubber surface that won’t wear out after vigorous commercial dishwashing. In fact, they come with a 5-year pro-rated warranty. Servers will love the extra security and customers will be impressed by the ease with which their drinks are delivered. Make these trays even more special by personalizing the front, back or both. You’re able to add your operation’s logo or a special design. Download the Cambro App and try the Personalize A Tray tool to see what the possibilities.

  1. CamBar

Increase the profits in your pool area by having a bar outside. Cambro’s CamBar allows you to instantly create a bar that is convenient and visible to customers lounging by the pool. With three different size and multiple design options, there is a CamBar that will fit your operation’s needs and esthetics. Whether you need your bar for bottles and can service only, or the complete soda gun set up system, there’s a CamBar to get it done. The CamBar is impact resistant, waterproof and will not chip, dent, rust or crack. Simply roll it out, serve and roll back inside for safe keeping. All models include a speed rail and an 80-pound capacity ice sink with cover. If that’s not enough ice for you, add a SlidingLid Ice Caddy for extra support.

  1. CamView Pitchers

Quickly refill drinks with Cambro’s variety of pitchers. They are perfect for beer, water, iced tea, lemonade, soda and any other cold beverage. CamView Pitchers are lightweight, made with shatter-resistant material and designed to reduce the chance of spills. Staff can easily carry around these pitchers to secluded areas and private cabanas. Pitchers can also be personalized to denote beverage type or with a logo to enhance your operation.


  1. Cam GoBoxes

What’s a day by the pool without a snack? Kitchen at hotels and resorts are usually a bit away from the pool area, making it challenging to keep food at the right temperature until it is delivered to guests. Cam GoBoxes are lightweight and keep food hot or cold for at least four hours. Staff can put food in to-go containers, load it into Cam GoBoxes and easily carry to customers without food losing temperature on the way there.

Grab a life jacket and some sunscreen, because these products are about to make this your most successful summer yet!  Contact your Cambro rep to get started.

About the Author: Adriana Desiderio is the Digital Content Manager at Cambro.

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