Put a Label on It: How Identification Motivates Successful Kitchens


Cambro products are designed to keep your operation organized, clean and easy to use. One way to take it a step further is to use identification labels on foodservice products for both inside and outside the kitchen. Whether you’re organizing containers or GoBoxes, using labels correctly can make your kitchen more efficient and decrease the likelihood for errors. We highlight six Cambro products that utilize identification to help your operation run more efficiently:

  1. Storesafe Food Rotation Labels

Of all the Cambro identification products we’ll mention, these are the ones you absolutely, without a doubt must have in your kitchen. It is extremely important that you label the food in your storage areas. Containers should be labeled with what type of food is inside, the date and an employee’s initials to make sure it’s used or thrown away before it goes bad. Using labels decreases the chances of food being wasted and supports the FIFO system. While you may already label your containers with various kinds of tape, some types leave a residue that can create harmful bacteria. Cambro Storesafe Food Rotation Labels are dissolvable in less than 30 seconds under water or through a dishwasher. You’re left with clean containers and no residues left behind.



  1. ID Tags

Now that your containers are correctly labeled, it’s important to keep them organized. Camshelving ID Tags allow you to identify different sections of your shelving so that staff can find what they’re looking for faster. Staff can simply clip ID Tags on traverses without having to worry about the potential for peeling or a sticky residue being left behind. Not only is food safety never compromised, ID Tags encourage staff to put ingredients back where they belong. As a result, inventory is easy to see, record and monitor. With food organized and separated, staff can focus on the other 100 things going on in the kitchen.

  1. GoBox Plastic ID Labels

When transporting food off-premise, it’s extremely important to make sure orders are being packed accurately and delivered to the right locations. GoBox Plastic ID Labels make it easier to organize where your GoBoxes are going and to ensure they make it to the correct destinations. Reusable plastic ID Labels slide securely into molded slots in each GoBox model. You have the option of leaving the cards blank and using the colors to coordinate or you can write on the cards with a dry erase marker. Keeping track of deliveries can become overwhelming, but Cambro’s Plastic ID Labels help clear up potential routing confusion. Additionally, there is a section on some GoBox models to put a Storesafe Food Rotation Label to keep track of when food is past its holding time.

EPP Label Insert

4. Camrack Extender ID Clips

One of the best features about Camracks is that you are able to wash, store and transport glassware while safely keeping fingers and contaminants away from clean items. However, this purpose is defeated if you’re having to open up the racks to see what kind of glasses are inside. Luckily, Cambro has a solution for that! Camrack Extender ID Clips have 34 pre-printed designs that easily clip onto your racks. If you don’t like any of those options, personalization is available. We couldn’t make it any easier if we tried!

5. Pro Cart Ultra Menu Pockets

All Pro Cart Ultra models have a menu pocket on the front of each door to allow operators to label what is inside the unit. Using either an index card or by writing directly onto smooth surface with a grease pencil, users can easily and quickly identify the contents of the unit without having to open its door. Not only does this keep heat from escaping, it saves time and eliminates confusion. The Pro Cart Ultra is available in tall and low sizes and with the option of  electricity .

Pro Cart Ultra Kitchen 4

Many mistakes could be prevented by proper communication. Keep your staff on the same page by properly identifying details about the food being stored, cooked and delivered by your operation. For more information, visit Cambro.com or contact your local Cambro rep.


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  1. Hi guys ! Jimmy here chef for 30 years ! I have come up with a better way for labeling for haccp love to talk to one off your guys it will make all chefs life’s easier and help Health inspections And off course save money ! I think this way is the way forward ! Thanks jimmy 👍

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