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Why This New York Hospital Chose Cambro High-Density Camshelving

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When the time came to renovate the 1960’s kitchen inside New York-based Adirondack Health, Carl Bowen, Director of Nutritional Services, was determined to select equipment that would support his vision of efficiency and longevity. Bowen began researching shelving systems online, comparing each brand side-by-side.  “Our kitchen is spotless. It’s so clean that you can literary eat off the floors. Naturally, I wanted to make sure that our shelving area is the same.” Bowen said.

Maximizing Space Utilization

Ultimately, Bowen decided to go with Cambro’s High Density Premium Camshelving model because he realized it was the best shelving option to maximize their storage space.

“We could put more of the Cambro-style racks because of some of the technological advances with the sliding racks on the track and just how they can integrate together by hooking different traverses together and make different shapes,” said Bowen. “We were able to double the amount of storage space…we chose to upgrade all of our racks at that time.”amc3

Easy to Clean Solution

The preexisting racks inside Adirondack were wire and difficult to clean, so difficult that Bowen says it took three times the manpower to clean one of those racks when compared to Cambro racks. They ended up donating their old racks to the maintenance department to use in their garage.

“I wanted something that was easier to clean than traditional wire. I started researching online and found different brands, but then started comparing things side-by-side. What I liked about Cambro was that there weren’t pieces that were going to rust. Even if you get the epoxy-coated metal ones, if you rub the epoxy with something and it scratches, it starts to rust. Then after a while you have to replace it because we can’t have any rust on anything we have in the kitchen,” said Bowen.

Not only does Camshelving come with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, there is an antimicrobial protection permanently molded with into its shelf plates to inhibit the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria.

Positive Customer Service Experience

Another reason Bowen chose Cambro was because of the positive customer service he experienced.

“We had a representative that was willing to help us measure to figure out the appropriate layout to maximize our space, then come back onsite when the materials arrived to help us assemble the shelving, which saved hours of assembly time,” said Bowen. “Cambro was there from A to B. From planning, figuring out what we needed to purchase right down to the implementation. It was something I did not get offered by the other two companies that we looked at.”

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