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Cheer Up Holiday Catering Season with CamBars

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The holidays are a time to eat, drink and be merry. Help your customers throw the ultimate holiday party by bringing the best part: the bar! Cambro’s CamBars® are all made from durable, impact-resistant and waterproof material that won’t crack, dent, chip, rust or break. But which one is the best for your catering needs? Read about our three offerings below:

Compact and Mighty


The CamBar 540 is compact yet powerful. The smallest of the CamBar family, the CamBar 540 has an 80 lb. ice sink, a speed rail to hold five to seven bottles and adequate space to hold soda and mixers for an intimate event. Choose from six standard decor colors and three designer decor colors to customize your CamBar’s base, counter and speed rails.


The CamBar 540 is perfect for the caterer who wants to step up their game from a fold-up table. And it also fits in a standard-size elevator for those roof-top parties!
See the CamBar 540.

Just Right

BAR650668 Sedona CamBar Mixing by Fountain HR

Cambro’s mid-size option, the CamBar 650, has a little bit of everything. All CamBar 650 models come with the option of no soda system, a pre-mix dispensing system featuring up to five pre-mix canisters and one CO2 tank or a post-mix system featuring three syrup boxes and the option of a water tank. The CamBar 650 soda system can be customized to whatever you need. For maximum versatility, choose a model that includes a soda system and add on a Cambro speed rail and wire shelves to your order. The accessories will allow you to tailor your CamBar to different kinds of events and customer needs.


All bars come equipped with an 80 lb. ice sink that includes a cold plate and cover for long-lasting ice. The CamBar 650 comes with five standard decor colors and four designer decor colors to fit the mood of your business. This bar is a crowd pleaser at both small and large events.
See the CamBar 650.

Go Big or Go Home


Sometimes bigger is better! The CamBar 730 has all the bells and whistles to keep your customer happy and the party going all night. With options ranging from economy to complete, the CamBar can adapt to any party situation your business may encounter. Possibilities include: a full post-mix dispensing system with up to six syrup boxes, a CO2 tank, the option of a 17-gallon water tank and a water filter or a pre-mix system of up to seven canisters and 1 CO2 tank.


If choosing a model equipped with a pre-or post-mix system, simply take out the system for the day and replace with Cambro’s speed rails or wire shelves to keep soda cans and bottles organized when requested. All CamBar 730 models also include a cold plate and cover for its ice sink. A GFI protected 110v power outlet gives you the ability to make Margaritas! Choose from five standard decor colors and four designer decor colors to make your CamBar stand out.
See the CamBar 730.

Cambro’s CamBars allow the operator to choose from a variety of beverage equipment, colors and accessories to help maximize your profits and promote the professionality of your business. For more information about each CamBar model, contact your local Cambro rep.



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