How to Make Grab-N-Go Breakfast a Success

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Implementing a Grab-N-Go breakfast program is easier with Cambro’s Flex Station. Kids no longer need to walk to the cafeteria to get breakfast, the Flex Station comes to them! K-12 schools can reach participation goals and encourage kids to eat a healthy breakfast with these three ideas:

  1. Allow Kids to Eat Inside the Classroom

Until recently, eating in the classroom has been largely discouraged or reserved for special occasions, but schools are learning that changing the rules may be in their best interest. Many schools have tested putting Grab-N-Go stations at key locations throughout the school and drop-off areas for kids to easily grab on their way into class. According to a study by No Kid Hungry, schools reached 63 percent breakfast participation on average by allowing students to eat in their classroom before and after the bell had rung. Schools saw even more participation, 88 percent to be exact, when Grab-N-Go carts were brought directly to the classroom.

  1. Get Creative

Flex Station 2 smChoose colorful and fun packaging techniques over regular plastic or brown bags. Get kids excited about what they’re eating. If your school doesn’t provide free breakfast, show kids a preview of their options with a free breakfast offering on the first day of the new menu. Continue to update kids on the menu each week with eye-catching signs in the cafeteria and as part of the cafeteria’s weekly menu plan. Cambro’s Flex Station is available with a new, colorful Merchandiser attachment to attract more kids and increase participation, making it the ultimate Grab-N-Go solution.

  1. Offer Second Chance Breakfast

Many kids aren’t hungry right when they get to school, but by the end of first period they’re starving and full of food regrets! Some schools have begun offering a second chance for kids to get breakfast between first and second period. Grab-N-Go Flex Stations are easily positioned in the highest traffic hallways and breezeways for kids to easily grab something to eat before their next class. Schools that participated in No Kid Hungry’s study found their breakfast participation rose to 70 percent when adding this option.

Milk Bag at School 2 HDNeed a smaller option?

Cambro GoBag Delivery Bags are ideal for the quick and easy transport of breakfast foods and drinks. Keep items cold or warm while easily carrying through hallways and into classrooms.

Connect with your Cambro rep for more tips on how to maximize the value of your Grab-N-Go program.


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