Senior Care Facility Gains 30% More Storage Space with High-Density Shelving

MN Masonic Homes 1Since 1920, Minnesota Masonic Home has offered care of many types for seniors. Today, the facility provides assisted living, skilled nursing and transitional care, just to name a few. Feeding all their residents and running an efficient foodservice operation is a big job, but luckily Ikuko Babcock, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, is there to make sure everything goes smoothly.

When it was time to replace the rusted metal shelving in her walk-in freezer, Babcock chose Camshelving® Premium Series High Density, in part because “it stays clean and is easy to use,” she says.

With the new shelving, Babcock says they’ve gained 30% more storage space. It’s also helped her staff better organize the walk-in and reduce waste. She notes that in a crowded freezer, things can get overlooked. “You notice that meat hiding in the back is two years old, and you can’t use it anymore because nobody noticed it was there.” But with new Premium Series High Density, “It’s easy to access the food and easier to organize. With FIFO, it’s easy to rotate,” she says.

Initially, Babcock’s staff was skeptical of the new shelving. “They were worried because the shelving looks kind of heavy; they thought maybe it would be hard to move,” Babcock says. “But they found it was actually really easy to move.”

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Overall, Babcock and her staff are extremely happy with their new Premium Series High Density shelving. “Everything is great,” she says. “We can’t wait to do our dry storage soon.”

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About Camshelving Premium Series High-Density Shelving

  • Mobile units glide along a track that is anchored by two stationary units.
  • An active aisle of 30”-36” allows access to shelf contents.
  • Raised track won’t trap dirt or dust and is easy to clean.
  • Can be used on any surface, including tile and uneven floors.


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