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Which Hot Box is Right for You?

VersusThroughout our interactions with customers at trade shows and even through email inquiries, one of the burning questions that customers are always dying to know is: What is the difference between your UPC400 and UPCS400? They are of course asking about one of our hot boxes– in fact, one of the most popular models used by caterers of all sizes. So, let’s have a quick run-through on what these units can help you with and what their key differences are so that you can pick the right unit for your operation.


UPCS400 on UPC400First off, a little behind-the-scenes  insight for you on the naming of our products. The UPC in the name stands for Ultra Pan Carrier. As a standard, the number in the name of our carriers represents the number of full-size 4” deep pans that can fit. Therefore, the 400 will tell you that the unit holds four 4” deep hotel pans.

The second important tidbit to know is that our carriers and carts are made using one of 2 different processes: Rotational Molding which produces one giant hollow part that then gets foamed for insulation and strength, and Structural Web Injection Molding whereby 2 separate parts are made—an inner cavity and an outer cavity. These parts get sonically welded together, then foamed.

To continue with our background—the UPC400 is made by Rotational molding whereas the UPCS400 is made with Structural Web Injection molding—hence the S in UPCS.

Now that you understand the foundation of our processes and the naming convention, on to the products themselves!

How These Carriers Will Help Your Operation

  • Keeps hot and cold food at safe temperatures—hot food above 140°F, cold food below 41°F.
  • Both units feature excellent temperature retention.
  • Both carriers are made of polyethylene for durability as well as easy cleanability. Simply wipe with a soft cloth and warm sudsy water.
  • Both feature molded-in handles for easy handling.
  • Both have wide, sturdy latches to secure your contents.
  • Both interstack with like units and with each other to save space.

Defining Differences

As you can see, each transporter has its own set of unique benefits. Which ones are more important for your operation? Which ones can better help your long-term strategy? Do you need a transporter that has the flexibility to convert to an electric unit down the road for you? If so, the UPC400 is the one for you. But no matter what your need may be, Cambro has a wide variety of insulated transport units for every operation.

Helping you find the best one to suit your needs is what we specialize in whether it be through one of our many sales representatives from your area, our Customer Service team, or simply through the Build A Transporter feature on our Cambro app.


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