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The Big Secret Behind Brooklyn Piggies

When someone whispers, “Pssst, come here.  I have a secret to share with you,” you stop and listen. Or at least you should if they’re whispering to you at the Catersource show. IMG_3328Missy Koo, Co-owner of Brooklyn Piggies, proceeded to lift the skirting off her table to reveal one of the small Cambro food transporters, the 300MPC. Missy and her partner, Stacy Cole, explained that without this carrier they wouldn’t be able to be here at the show. This unit was what kept their beloved core product, pigs in a blanket, perfectly frozen as they journeyed from New York City to Las Vegas, and it was a big secret they were so excited to share!

Read on for more about this business built on a pig and a blanket and we invite you to check out Brooklyn Piggies – trust us, they are delicious!

High Res Platter Shot LogoHow did Brooklyn Piggies get its start?

For years, I would marvel over the enthusiasm my guests had for pigs in a blanket. Every time I served them at a party they were the first appetizer to go. In fact it was often hard to get a full platter to the table, since guests would wait by the oven! This reaction inspired me to elevate the humble pig in a blanket. After all, pigs in a blanket are so beloved, they deserved to taste better! Today they are made with sausages handcrafted using traditional European techniques with a natural casing, without artificial seasonings, additives, fillers or MSG.

I recruited good friend and fellow pig in a blanket enthusiast, Stacy Cole, to create Brooklyn Piggies. Together we launched the company in 2012 and debuted our version of America’s favorite hors d’oeuvre at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.  IMG_4423

How are the Piggies finding new homes?

Our Piggies are available for sale nationwide through our website: We can also be found at specialty retailers across the nation. We are also a featured menu item on the Madison Square Garden skybox menu.

What do they love most about the business?

We love to see people’s reactions when they first try our Piggies. Pigs in a blanket are a unique food, in that it holds a nostalgia that crosses generations. Everyone knows what a pig in a blanket it, but they are thrilled to see how much better we’ve made it.

What has been the most interesting thing to happen to Brooklyn Piggies?

In our 2nd week in business, when we were still outdoor vendors at Smorgasburg, we were selected for the Oprah’s holiday favorites list. It was an incredible honor and awarded us national exposure very soon into our business launch.

What has been the biggest challenge that BP has had to overcome?

Our biggest challenge is still our favorite challenge: keeping up with demand!

BrooklynPiggiesWhat Cambro product does Brooklyn Piggies rely on to help make the business successful?

Our Cambro transporter (300MPC) has been the pivotal product that enabled us to become successful outdoor food vendors. Without our Cambros, we wouldn’t be able to hold frozen Piggies at safe temperature during the long summer days and the high heat of summer at Smorgasburg. We’d pack the Piggies as early as 7am and have them out in the field until at least 4pm. Our carriers NEVER let us down. Though we no longer pitch our tent at Smorg, we still rely heavily on Cambro to get us where we need to go. The photo below, we’ve titled: “Have Cambro, will go!” We actually checked out Cambro transporter onto a flight, packed with our frozen Piggies and ice shelf (Camchiller). The longest flight we’ve taken with our Cambros is 6 hours. Not only was our product fully protected inside the chamber, but the temperature held at below freezing!

Why Cambro?

We chose Cambro for its reliability, and because they work! And we continue to choose Cambro, as we’ve continued purchasing transport systems as our business has grown. We have been super satisfied with our Cambros.

We wish Brooklyn Piggies continued success and we invite you to check them out online:

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