Foodservice Business of the Week: Mia’s Cuisine

Our introduction to the latest Cambro Business of the Week selection, Mia’s Cuisine, came via email from Maria Abad, Chef/Owner at Mia’s Cuisine:


Maria shared more of the story of her family business with us in her Business of the Week submission.

What inspired her to get into foodservice?

As long as I can remember, my family has been involved in the kitchen. I grew up loving it and as an adult I started a family catering business with my husband to express my love for food.

What does Maria love the most about her business?MiaPic1

What I love about our family business is that we love to help out people around us – whether that’s at our church, job opportunities or other ways we can help people increase their knowledge in the kitchen.

What has been the most interesting thing to happen to her business?

As a frequent Hollywood caterer (ie. Movie/commercial work catering), Maria remembers one occasion catering on-location on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), and it was “an extra windy day and we usually have our salad bar on one side and our hot line on the other. The producer on set loved salad so when he went to grab a bowl of it, the whole set up was pulled by the wind and all we had left was our hot food.”

What has been the biggest challenge to the business she overcame?

Starting off was not easy, we had high hopes of being where we are now but that always takes lots of patience and prayers. We’ve gotten the chance to meet amazing supportive people along our journey and they’ve definitely helped us overcome our obstacles.

What Cambro products does Maria rely upon to make her business work?

Traveling from here to there dropping off fresh homemade food, we needed equipment that helped keep our meals warm and ready to eat. So we purchased our first hot boxes as we started our company. Now we have dozens and dozens of Cambro products that we use on the daily to help us prep, ship and maintain our meals at its best.

We wish Maria continued success! As the business of the week selection, she will receive a prize package of Cambro storage products.

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