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New to Shelving? Choose Wisely.

You may be in the midst of online research trying to determine what type of shelving you should invest in for your restaurant. You may be comparing vendors, reading product reviews and using your own discernment to try and make an informed purchasing decision before contacting your local sales rep. So many choices available, where do you draw the line?

Storage Plus Deliveries - Cambro blogBefore making a decision it is important to take the time to understand the benefits of each shelving line and their capabilities. After all, shelving is a long-term investment. At least we think so. Upgrading or switching out your shelving every 3-5 years is so last decade. Who wants to deal with that burden? Not you.

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Shelving

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the options out there, we’d like to share a tool to help you narrow down your selection based on your specific storage needs.

When comparing and choosing commercial shelving, ask:

  • What are my storage needs? Am I storing a mix of bulk items and lighter-weight goods?
  • How much weight does each shelf need to hold? If your existing shelving is bent, you probably need a more reinforced, stronger shelving solution.
  • Does the number of food deliveries per week affect the type of shelving I should select? More weekly deliveries = more loading and off-loading of items and packages.
  • Can I customize my options to help keep my area organized? Example: Solid Shelf Plates for narrow items and Vented Shelf Plates for items that need additional refrigerated air flow?
  • Is the shelving equipment warranted against rust and corrosion? Does the manufacturer stand behind their product?

It should not be customary practice to upgrade your shelving every 3-5 years. By now you have come to realize that shelving is an integral component to running a smooth and successful foodservice operation. Our new Shelving Selector tool helps you select the right shelving for your specific application needs so that you only have to buy and install once.

Shelving-Site-gifAt last you can choose the right shelving and never have to upgrade again. To select your shelving type visit and click on “New to Shelving”.

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