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Sunniest Place on Earth is Perfect Setting for Cambro’s Business of the Week

KarlasKreations - Cambro Blog - headerAs the saying goes, it’s never too late to start doing what you love. Karla Billt, is the Chef and Owner of Karla’s Kreations based in Yuma, Arizona (the sunniest place on Earth according to Guinness).  According to Karla getting into the foodservice business was inspired by the way she has “always loved to nurture others.”

KarlasKreations - Cambro BlogOur Business of the Week selection loves her work and business:

I don’t feel like I am working but just fixing great food for others to enjoy. I am most proud that I took an idea and have created a well-respected business in Yuma, Arizona.

What’s the most interesting/oddest/coolest thing to happen to Karla’s business?

The oddest thing I have ever had happen to me was being fired from a personal chef job (after cooking for 2 years for the family) when the lady of the house came home and realized I cooked in her designer kitchen. Took me 20 minutes when I arrived to make the kitchen usable and 30 minutes to put all the little pretties back in place.

That is something we haven’t heard yet.

But it’s not even the biggest challenge her business has overcome.

Ready for it?

A [name brand] mixer took off my ring finger. My business was just starting. Working on a dinner party and my ring and mixer connected. My challenge was to feel sorry for myself and quit or to keep going. That was 8 years ago. Don’t miss that finger at all.

One. Tough. Chef.

She relies on just as tough Cambro products to help her business including the Cambro Pan Carriers and food boxes.

KarlasKreations - Cambro Blog - DessertWe’d wish Chef Karla continued luck but it certainly seems her toughness can overcome any obstacle to make her business a success!

If you’re in Yuma, Arizona check our Karla’s Kreations. Also, as the business of the week selection, Karla will receive a prize package of Cambro storage products.

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