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Bubba Sweets: Sweet Success, Sprinkled with Organization

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“I strive to create that little bit of Willy Wonka magic in other’s lives, even but for a few moments”.

Bubba Sweets does this and so much more. From the moment you set foot into Bubba Sweets you are greeted with a perfect mix of sweetness and cheerfulness. From its delicately decorated cupcakes, vibrant hot pink decor, swing and big bang tunes playing overhead to the friendly staff outfitted in polka dots. Owned and operated by Erieka “Bubba” Pimentel and her husband James, Bubba Sweets has become a popular spot for mothers, teens, and pretty much anyone with a sweet tooth. Their popularity increased even more after they competed on “Cupcake Wars” (Food Network) and survived three rounds of judging to win the Grand Prize!

“We were so excited for everyone to watch, it was a dream come true.” said Erieka nicknamed Bubba as a child.

Bubba and James Pimentel are the personification of successful entrepreneurs determined to turn their passion into a rewarding family business and in the process bringing a dash of sweetness into the lives of others.

Bubba Sweets opened a second location to keep up with customer demand and shared that her experience on Cupcake Wars taught her the importance of time management and organization to help her run a successful business. Bubba Sweets makes anywhere from 500 to 3000 cupcakes a day. Their storage racks are fully stocked with different ingredients, toppings, candy which then amounts to a lot of containers, a lot of measuring and scooping to help keep things fresh and organized. They make everything from scratch: ganache, fillings, their own caramel and even their own marshmallow so having the right containers for storage is paramount.

Here’s Bubba sharing more about Bubba Sweets and how Cambro helps her make the most of her time with proper organization and keeping her made-from-scratch ingredients fresh and sweet.

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