The 100% Recyclable Cambro Tray

ecologic tray sustainabilityIntroducing the first 100% recyclable Cambro tray!

The Versa Tray Ecologic Series combines sustainability with superior durability. Blending natural materials with an innovative manufacturing process creates a lighter and more durable tray (compared to standard Versa Tray models) that is environmentally friendly.

Averaging 20% lighter weight than standard Versa Trays, the Ecologic Series still maintains its durability. Designed for the most demanding environments of schools, hospitals and cafeterias, this tray can be washed as frequently as needed.
Versa Eco Tray - Cambro

Availability: Only in Europe

Designed and manufactured at Cambro facilities in Europe for the European market. Tray is available in 4 colors, 4 shapes and 5 sizes. Personalization is also available.

More detail product information – download a spec sheet.

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