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October is National Farm to School Month

October is National Farm to School month. What is Farm to School?

“Farm to school is the practice of sourcing local food for schools or preschools and providing agriculture, health and nutrition education opportunities, such as school gardens, farm field trips and cooking lessons. ” —

Manteca Farm to SchoolManteca School District Takes Farm to School to the Next Level

In Californa, Manteca school district students manage their own farm growing veggies as part of their school curriculum. They sell the produce back to the 23,000-student school district and use the money to keep the farm going. This teaches the kids about the food chain as well as preventing obesity and improving kids’ nutrition. The kids also learn the about the business aspect of running a start-up: from planning to producing to selling.

The district benefits by having great access to fresh produce, plan menu choices consistent with seasonal availability and use Cambro Versa Food Bars to keep the veggies fresh throughout the day for the kids.

Cambro Versa Food Bar - Farm to School Farm to School Manteca California Farm to School - Cambro Versa Food Bar
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