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Developing a Food Safety Culture

We had the opportunity to attend the Nevada Food Safety Task Force Conference in Reno this week and we came away amazed and inspired by the speakers that were lined up for this educational and informative event.

It was truly an impressive list of speakers with a deep commitment to issues surrounding the future of food safety. Throughout all of the discussions and presentations it was made very clear that Food Safety needs to be deeply rooted into a company’s culture (starting at the top), otherwise it is futile. The word “culture” was consistently weaved into every presentation.  Adam Ashcraft with AFFLINK posed this question during his session:

“What’s easier? Changing your company culture or rebuilding your reputation?”

The presenters ranged from executives in the Hospitality Industry, Global Chains, Foodservice Distributors, Food Safety academia to Field Health Inspectors.  Food Allergens were also discussed along with the trend of Cottage Food Operations. Food Safety Culture was at the heart of the event:

“Food Safety starts at the top, if management is serious about it—others will follow.”

Impactful statements from presenters:

Cambro - NevadaConferenceQuotes - FoodSafety

One thing was made clear. Food Safety is first and foremost about protecting lives but it also is about protecting your brand. Food safety never takes a day off. If you are dealing with a food safety issue, it’s already too late.

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