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The Benefits of a Cambro Storage and Shelving Showroom Display

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StoreSafe has done it again!  We continue to reinforce our StoreSafe brand and awarded a lucky distributor a complete StoreSafe Storage System for their showroom display area.  The winners of the Showroom Revamp were Country Clean from New Jersey and Kavanaugh Restaurant Supply from Wisconsin.

Cambro made the trek out to New Jersey and had the pleasure of visiting Country Clean and enjoyed the opportunity to meet their dedicated sales team and also a handful of loyal customers that stopped by to talk Cambro, Food Storage and Food Safety.

Country Clean was able to upgrade their showroom by showcasing an entire food storage system that will now allow their “walk-in” customers to interact with Cambro products and gain a better understanding of proper food storage.

Their showroom display had only been up for a few weeks and already they were gaining traction and generating a lot of interest from their walk-in customers on shelving and storage products.

In the following days, we will be sharing with you more on Country Clean, their loyal customers and what makes a StoreSafe Storage System.  Upcoming schedule of blog posts this week:

Tuesday: See what a Taste of Italy is like  in New Jersey.

Wednesday: Go behind the scenes at Country Clean.

Thursday: The Recipe to a Perfect Showroom Storage Display.

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