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Improve Efficiencies in Banquets and Catering with the Combo Cart™ Plus

At the heart of every Banquet and Catering operation is hot food holding equipment.  Looking across all service areas in a hotel, Banquet and Catering are shown to be among the most profitable outlets for hotel operators capturing over 40% of the hotel’s total F&B revenues and 46% of its total food gross profit.1

Hospitality Technomic Survey CambroPair this with the forecast that Hotels/Lodging will rank #1 as the fastest foodservice growth segment2 and you have a combination for increased profits as a hotel operator.

Considering the high volume of Banquet and Catering, special consideration should be given to how this area of the operation and the equipment being used is impacting the hotel’s efficiency. With Cambro’s Combo Cart Plus, Banquet and Catering operation can improve efficiencies and increase the bottom line.

From efficiency to costs savings to safety, the Combo Cart Plus has you covered!

  1. One Cart Holds it All – This cart holds a wide variety of food pans, sheet pans, trays and even pizza boxes—all in one unit, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment.
  2. Food Safety – Hot or cold food can safely be kept out of the danger zone—plugged or unplugged.
  3. Food retains moisture – Metal, by nature, draws out moisture from food and requires messy water pans to maintain quality of food. Combo Cart Plus eliminates the need for water pans.
  4. Energy-savings – The tall Combo Cart Plus is over 50% more energy efficient than leading metal cabinets; low models—over 180%!
  5. No Canned Fuel – When unplugged or in transit. Saves thousands of dollars and better for the environment.
  6. Operator Safety – Unit remains cool to the touch, even while in operation.
  7. Durability – impact-resistant body will not dent, rust or chip.

Combo Cart Plus

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1Source: Technomic, with collaboration from Hotel F&B Magazine:  Understanding the Hotel/Lodging Foodservice Segment, June 2008.

2Statistics from: “The Hotel/Lodging Segment:  A Deep Dive into Consumer Trends” from Technomic.

Click to view revenue sources in lodging: HotelFB_foodserviceRevenues

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