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HG Sausageworks: Inspiration by Emeril

HG_sausageworksLogoThe latest featured Cambro business of the week owes a bit of its inspiration to Emeril. Chef and Owner, Jered Greenwald, introduces us to HG Sausageworks (we’re guessing it’s not for vegetarians) from beautiful San Diego, California.

Let’s get started – tell us a bit about the inspiration to get into foodservice:

“Emeril. No really, I was watching the Food Network and he makes cooking approachable, fun and exciting. Then I got into a professional kitchen and began to learn about the dedication and passion and I just couldn’t get away from it. I was hooked!”

What does Jered love about Sausageworks?

“The ability to transform and elevate basic ingredients into something magical and that makes my customers can trust for quality ingredients and exceptional flavors. I love seeing their faces light up then grin from ear to ear.. .makes my day every time.”

HG_sausageworks Cambro Business of the WeekWhat’s the most interesting thing to happen to the business?

“Just starting the business was totally cool. I still feel fortunate to have been able to get this far and while some days feel like an uphill slog just to be able to get to this point has been an amazing experience.”

And the biggest business challenge Jered overcame?

“Just being able to go from hard-core hobbiest to selling my product and getting awesome reviews has been a wonderful experience, however, working with the local health department to clear all their hurdles and finding funding, it’s been a long road some days…”

What Cambro products help HG Sausageworks crank out these sausages?

“I almost exclusively use CamSquares for food storage as well as when I make certain foods such as pickles and krauts. When making my pickles, krauts and mustards I use the Rotation Labels so I know when the product was started so I make sure to use the right product first. I also use the poly boxes for brining corned beef and pastrami as well as mixing my ground meat and spices for sausages.”

We wish continued success to Jered and his growing business! As the featured foodservice business of the week, he will receive a storage container gift pack.

Links for HG Sausageworks:

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