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In Bozeman, Just A Taste Catering is Just Right

Cambro Featured Foodservice Business of the Week: Just A Taste CateringDoes making french toast as a 6 year old lead to a catering career? If you’re Liz Bauer, the answer is yes. The Chef and Owner of Just A Taste Catering, our Foodservice Business of the Week, was destined for foodservice. “My mom has always been a chef,” and Liz has successfully followed those footsteps.

What does she love about this Bozeman, Montana based business?

“The freedom of creativity. Being the boss that actually listens to their staff. Having fun and making the clients pleased.”

What has been the most interesting thing to happen to Just A Taste?

“I have owned my business for 5 years, every year it has doubled. I never thought I would be one the most successful caterers in Bozeman, Montana!”

What has been the biggest business challenge Liz has overcome?

“Learning to let go… not be so controlling and trusting in my staff that they can do this.”

And what Cambro products does Liz rely upon to make her business successful?

“We use the front loading pan carriers. Seems we never have enough! We currently have about 10 of the large ones. We also use a lot of the food prep bins along with coffee cambros as well. Love your product!”

Liz certainly knows the tools a caterer needs! Thank you for sharing your story Liz and we wish you continued success. As the featured foodservice business of the week, she will receive a storage container gift pack.

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