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Sunflower’s Creations: Cambro’s Featured Foodservice Business of the Week

Cambro Business of the Week: Sunflower CreationsIt may be winter in British Columbia, Canada but cakes and cupcakes are sprouting at Sunflower’s Creations! The latest Cambro Foodservice Business of the Week was nominated by Annette Simpson, owner of Sunflower’s Creations.

What inspired Annette to get into foodservice?

“I’ve just always loved creating food and when the opportunity came up to try cake I went for it.”

What does she love about her business?

“The very first cake I made was a disaster, but the more I did the more I knew I loved it. From there it truly became a passion of mine. I love to see the look on my clients face when they get the cake, it makes all the ups and downs worthwhile :-)”

The most interesting thing to happen to Sunflower’s Creations?

“The coolest thing that ever happened to me was being taken the LA this year and given a booth at the Teen Choice Gift Suites, where I handed out Cake Pops to Celebs including Kevin Sorbo and Mary Murphy.”

Biggest business challenge Annette had to overcome?

“Not giving up even when it didn’t seem like the business was going to go anywhere. There have been several times when I have thought of selling everything and all of a sudden I would get 4 orders, I would take that as a sign not to give up just yet :-)”

What Cambro product could help Annette even more?

The Camsquares would be perfect for my butter creams and fillings. I could also see myself using some of the other products for storing pre-made flowers and gumpaste figures.

We are glad Annette kept going and we wish her and Sunflower’s Creations continued success!

As the featured foodservice business of the week, Annette will receive a storage container gift pack.

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