Cambro Featured Business of the Week: Full Circle Catering

Business of the Week: Full Circle CateringIf your business philosophy included fresh food, exquisitely trained staff, innovative presentation and creative and stress free events what would you name your business?

What else except Full Circle Catering! Jenny Elmes owner of this Lexington, Virginia catering company shares her story with us.

What inspired Jenny to get into the foodservice business?

“The love of cooking and bringing that love to other folks’ tables and events.”

She also love the “ever-changing days” where “no two events or clients are the same and each day is a challenge.” Certainly must keep her on her toes.

As for the most interesting thing that’s happened to Full Circle Catering:

“We have had a couple of high level clients who have had security threatened–both times it was a panic–once for deer running by the location and another from the sound of someone popping their gum. Tragedy averted.”

The biggest business challenge (besides the security scares at a couple of events) is “balancing work with family life.”

What Cambro products help Full Circle Catering work?

“I could not live without my Cambro hot/cold boxes. I love them. Use them for food transport at almost every job. “

Cambro Business of the week: Full CircleOf course, we love to hear that. We hope Full Circle Catering continues to be successful!

As the featured foodservice business of the week, Jenny will receive a storage container gift pack.

Links for Full Circle Catering:

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