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With 25 Million Visitors Down Under, Things are Looking Up

Where can you find 70 dining venues and bars, including 30 restaurants under the same roof?

If you guessed Vegas or Dubai, think Southern Hemisphere. Try Australia. Melbourne, Australia.

The Crown Entertainment Complex has 25 millions yearly visitors (mind you, this is a country with a population of 22 million) and as you can imagine feeding this many people can be challenging.

With 380 chefs in restaurants and another 100 in banquets, it takes the skill and experience of a Chef like Executive Chef, Anthony Hannan. Anthony has worked his way across 4 continents with culinary experience spanning 25 years.

Anthony’s task of managing various foodservice outlets within the Crown Entertainment Complex includes overseeing culinary operations of the main kitchen incorporating some of Australia’s premier banqueting and conference facilities.

Anthony also oversees the major events held at Crown such as the annual Logies Awards (Australian TV celebratory night), Spring Racing Festival, The Million Dollar Lunch, The Culinary Charity Challenge, Think Pink Charity Ball and Australian Football Gala Events.

Due to the large volume and variety of work, Crown only uses the very best foodservice equipment available. It comes as no surprise that Crown has trusted in Cambro storage solutions since its opening in 1994.

Crown relies on Cambro, supplying storage and transportation of its crockery & glassware. In addition, Crown uses Cambro Camshelving and storage boxes, many still in service since its opening. Anthony notes the importance of food hygiene and food safety as well as the ability to maximise storage capacity.

“Space in kitchens is at a premium and the storage imputation is part of the process in a busy kitchen, it has to work! Crockery and CROWN Connection stemware are expensive and it is important that it is well housed, to reduce breakages and handling.”

With space at a premium, Cambro products provide the ideal solution, increasing storage capacity and enabling safe and easy access to stored products. With Cambro Camracks, Crown’s extensive catalog of glassware and stemware is safely washed and stored.

Cambro dish caddies safely transport fragile items, reducing breakages and associated costs.

Next time you’re in Melbourne, stay a while. You’ll have plenty of dining options at the Crown Entertainment Complex.


Thanks to Comcater – the Cambro Rep Group in Australia.

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