Cambro Featured Business of the Week: Poppa Naps BBQ – Mobile Barbecue & Catering

Viva Las Vegas! The Cambro Featured Business of the Week is Poppa Naps BBQ – Mobile Barbecue & Catering from Sin City!

Owner, Napoleon Bacerra, has a great story – let’s get into it…

Inspiration: “My inspiration came after 32 years in education; I wanted a different occupation and avenue for my life. I LOVE to cook and watch the people’s eyes dance after trying my food. Their smiles and comments always make me want to give them more. I have always cooked and barbecued for friends and family since I was 10 years old.”

What does Napoleon love about his BBQ biz: “My Mobile Barbecue & Catering Company makes me want to smoke, cook, grill and serve the BEST possible food my clients will ever taste. I LIVE to make people want more of my food. When you cater, people want the BEST food and GREAT service for a REASONABLE price…and Poppa Naps BBQ- Mobile Barbecue & Catering does it ALL.”

Most interesting/oddest/cool thing to happen to Napoleon: “The most coolest and interesting things that has to Poppa Naps BBQ was a 40th Wedding Anniversary that happened about four months ago. It was a backyard affair that I catered for over 200 guests. At the end of the night, both the father and mother (Guests of Honor) came to me hugged me and thanked me for making their anniversary/renewing their vows unforgettable. The father then asked me to have a celebratory toast with him to thank me then he kissed me on the lips. (I guess he loved the food and service.) After two months had passed, the father saw and stopped me outside of the local hardware store. He told me that the guests and family are still talking about the Delicious BBQ and the Wonderful Service.
** I also received the biggest gratuity ever (so far) **”

Biggest challenge to business: “The biggest challenge for me in building Poppa Naps BBQ has been to purchase the necessary equipment and cookware to cook for large amounts of people on a very tight budget. I have found much of my equipment through Craigslist. I have been fortunate enough to find great deals… many of which are rarely used Cambro containers, a warmer and also sink.”

And of course, like all great BBQers, Napoleon uses some Cambro: “After about a year in being in business, I know now that Cambro products are instrumental in making my business and any other foodservice productive and successful. I constantly used the Cambro containers to store my dry goods and also fill the containers with my “sauces”, pre-cooked meats, and pre-cut veggies. My warmer has kept all of smoked meats and sides hot while waiting for other food to finish cooking and has been a GOD-SEND when transporting my Barbecue. The Cambro sink that I have has made my jobs easier and convenient. The Health Dept. also loves that one because I have a place to wash my hands and clean my utensils. Me and my business LOVES Cambro products and when I can purchase them either through Craigslist or Cambro itself …I will buy more in a “Heartbeat”!!!”

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As the featured foodservice business of the week, Napoleon will receive a storage container gift pack and be entered into the monthly $500 in Cambro products contest.

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