72-Hour Cold Fermented Pizza Dough Recipe

Freddy Jennings, known on Instagram as @WoodOvenBoston, is a professionally trained pizzaiolo who teaches people how to make pizza at home. Freddy suggests long-cold fermenting your pizza dough because using a smaller amount of yeast and controlling the temperature:

  • Allows them to reproduce and leaven your dough without introducing any off-tasting CO2
  • Breaks down the gluten network to the point of tasty and easily digestible bliss

Cambro Products Needed:


(Makes 5 x 300g doughballs)

  • 900g King Arthur Sir Lancelot (or your favorite flour with protein percentage in the high 12% or higher range)
  • 540g Water
  • 27g Olive Oil
  • 27g Sea salt
  • 4g Instant Dry Yeast


  1. Mix flour, yeast and water until water is absorbed and gluten begins to form.
  2. Add oil and continue to mix until incorporated.
  3. Add salt and mix until mostly incorporated.
  4. Continue to knead until gluten network is well formed.
  5. Rest on the counter approximately 20 minutes and then rest and fold.
  6. Form 5, 300g doughballs and refrigerate for 72 hours in a Camwear Food Pan with Seal Cover.

On baking day, remove from fridge and allow to rest at room temp (approximately 4 hours).

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