3 Cambro Essentials You Need to Upgrade Your Catering Business

Every good caterer knows that their service is only as good as their equipment. Caterers have placed their trust in Cambro for decades, relying on its dependable products to ensure the success of their events. There are three essential tools that every catering professional should have in their arsenal to ensure food stays hot, beverages remain cold and service is provided with precision and style. Whether you’re a seasoned caterer looking to upgrade your equipment or just starting your catering venture, these Cambro products will make a noticeable impact on your business.

1. Insulated Food Carriers

When it comes to transporting food, maintaining the right temperatures is paramount; Cambro’s insulated food carriers are designed to do just that. If you’re preparing for a long day of serving or a couple short drop-offs, Cambro has a variety of solutions to keep your food fresh and delicious.


cambro pro cart for hot and cold holdingElectric transport units are ideal for maintaining  temperature during indoor and outdoor service that requires you to access contents throughout the event. The Pro Cart Ultra® is the ultimate choice for maintaining food warmth and quality thanks to its energy efficient hot, electric module that heats between 150°-165°F (65,5°-74°C) and its thermoelectric powered cold module that chills between 32.5°-40°F (0,3°-4,4°C). If you’re looking for versatility, the Pro Cart Ultra boasts adjustable stainless-steel rails designed to securely accommodate food pans, sheet pans, trays and large pizza boxes. Don’t let your creations go cold; trust in Cambro’s Pro Cart Ultra to keep your dishes sizzling and your reputation soaring.


If you seek a non-electric solution that combines quality, durability and affordability, Cambro has you covered. Cam GoBoxes® are designed to withstand the rigors of catering, provide excellent temperature retention and enable anyone to carry them due to their lightweight nature. The Cam GoBox keeps your hot foods hot and your cold foods cold during transit, preserving flavors and textures until they reach your destination.

gobox for catering

2. Insulated Beverage Carriers

Cambro’s insulated beverage carriers, known as Camtainers®, are engineered to maintain the ideal temperature for your drinks, whether it’s piping hot cocoa for the winter or refreshing iced drinks for the summer. These carriers are designed to make transporting beverages a breeze even in hectic environments. In contrast to traditionally used metal containers, which are both heavy and prone to heat loss, the Camtainer has established itself as a must-have in the foodservice industry by consistently maintaining ideal temperatures for both hot and cold beverages.

cambro coffee camtainer

Bonus: Cambro offers custom covers for those aiming to establish a strong brand identity and handwash accessories to ensure hygiene off-site.

3. H-Pans

high heat food pansTo further enhance your catering service, Cambro offers High Heat H-Pans™, food pans with incredible heat tolerance, durability and effortless cleaning. Unlike metal and disposable pans, H-Pans are lightweight and reusable, minimizing waste and environmental impact. The sustainable choice, H-Pans are designed to be used time and time again. With the ability to withstand temperatures from -40°F to 375°F (-40°C to 190°C), it effortlessly transitions from freezer to oven to transport and straight to service.  H-Pans have a heat tolerance that ensures your dishes are always served at their best, even after reheating. When your day of catering is over, H-Pans’ non-stick surface ensures that food doesn’t cling stubbornly, making it a breeze to clean.

Cambro’s catering solutions are the ultimate toolkit for culinary professionals, guaranteeing food and beverage excellence with unmatched durability and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned caterer or just starting your venture, these Cambro products will enhance your service quality and customer satisfaction. Click here to find your nearest retailer and online retailers.


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