Cambro debuts Camshelving Elements Xtra Series

How do you turn ordinary into extraordinary? That little Xtra.

Cambro Manufacturing is proud to introduce Camshelving® Elements® Xtra Series, an advanced and perfected version of Camshelving Elements Series that has been meticulously refined to exceed expectations. Introduced 13 years ago, customers have provided valuable feedback that proved worthy of a product line transformation. The result is higher performance, more product choices, unmatched versatility and easier assembly.

“The original Elements has exceeded our expectations for sales and performance, but that success does not lead Cambro into complacency. Cambro is all-in on continuous improvement, quality and customer satisfaction. Cambro has a wealth of end users and consultants who help our Product Development team continuously improve products. We listened and incorporated these key features into Elements Xtra."

Chip Jarvis, Senior Global V.P. Development & Engineering at Cambro Manufacturing
elements extra

Xtra Weight Bearing

Typically, the corners of a shelving unit can be a vulnerable spot. Other shelving lines lose significant weight bearing when units are connected in the corners. With Elements Xtra, each corner unit can safely hold up to 2,400 lbs., up to 60” in length.

Xtra Versatility

Operators have the option of transforming their stationary shelving into mobile shelving without having to order a new unit or different shelves. Simply order casters, make a few simple installation adjustments and you’re ready to rock and roll. Additionally, all current Camshelving accessories are compatible with Elements Xtra.

Xtra Cleanability

When there are less nooks and crannies, shelving is much easier to clean! Elements Extra eliminated crevices underneath each post connector to increase cleanability. By designing posts with installation notches on the inside only, there are less places for dust and dirt to collect.

Xtra Easy Assembly

Listening to valuable feedback, Cambro’s Product Development team took the opportunity to enhance the installation experience of our Elements shelving. We’ve streamlined the design with a one-piece collar wedge and a single snap dovetail connector, making the installation process incredibly straightforward. Plus, we’ve reduced the number of parts by 50%.

Xtra Efficient

Previously, Cambro’s High Density Storage System was only available in Camshelving Premium Series. With the ability to increase storage capacity up to 50%, the system is extremely popular amongst small and large kitchens alike. To provide customers with more storage capabilities, Cambro is introducing Elements Xtra Series High Density Storage System, which utilizes the same track system as Premium Series.  

xtra series HD unit

Xtra Affordable

Despite the substantial upgrades to Elements Xtra, the price remains the same as its predecessor.  Elements Xtra joins Basics Plus and Premium to provide customers with shelving options to fit every kitchen need and budget.

Ready to get rid of your rusty, unreliable shelving? Contact your local Cambro sales rep to learn how Elements Xtra can give you the Xtra edge you need in your storage spaces. 


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