Why This Chicago Caterer Relies on Cambro GoBoxes for Food Delivery Success

Maintaining a successful catering business in the Windy City is hard work. Between bumper to bumper traffic and loading dock access only, Nicole Jordan Reed has encountered plenty of challenges while transporting food to her clients over the last 7 years. When Nicole visited our booth at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago this year, she told us about one thing that’s made it easier: the Cam GoBox®. Nicole explains how her GoBoxes have impacted her business.

What type of catering do you provide?

“We are a full service catering company that caters to what I call our enterprise level customers, so we really focus in on corporate, non-profit, higher ed, and public sector customers. Prior to being an entrepreneur in food, I come from a 20 year career in corporate consulting. I know that customer and I enjoy working with them.”

How did you discover the Cam GoBox?

“When I first started my business, it was me and one employee. I used to use the traditional hot boxes; when you are the chief bottle washer, cook and delivery person, that can be a bit much.”

“Some years ago, I came across the GoBoxes actually at one of the food suppliers here in the city of Chicago called Restaurant Depot, otherwise known as Jet Row. I was so curious, I bought a few. I was like, ‘Oh, these are so nice,’ and, so I bought them and I fell in love and I’ve literally used them exclusively since.”

Nicole uses the full size and half size Top Loading GoBoxes and Front Loading GoBoxes

“They have saved me many a day and continue to do so. It just makes it so much easier; they're great and stackable and they're easy for my team to use.”

Nicole Jordan

How have the GoBoxes streamlined your business?

“With food already being heavy and you’re doing it in large volumes…[the GoBox] is less straining on the back and easier to transport. They’re stackable, and we stack them high.”

How have the GoBoxes held up to the rigors of your business?

“I’ve added on over time, but all the original boxes I still have. The wear and tear on them are amazing. I’m really particular too, I always stress with my team how we maintain things because turning over things can be costly, but I’m always insistent with my team that we are using them wisely. We clean them out and we make sure they stay clean and sanitized between uses, so that way that we can keep the integrity of the box.”

What is the most unique way you use your GoBoxes?

“We do a lot of coffee service and drop off in java boxes. Sometimes those java boxes lose steam fast and faster than what they claim. What I found is when I put them in the Cambro boxes, they hold heat wonderfully. They get to our destination still nice and piping hot for our customer, which has made a big difference because I know that’s a big complaint among clients.”

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