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Transform Your University’s Foodservice with These 2 Easy-to-Use Cambro Products

Cambro products can be found all over the world. At Student Services Hannover, the majority of the food served to 46,000 students in 10 canteens and 6 cafeterias is made from scratch; everything that can be made fresh is made fresh. Overall, Student Services Hannover provides 10,000 meals a day that are made with food that is fair trade, seasonal and regional. They also reduce waste by recycling, reducing disposable items and using reusable items like Cambro Trays.

“What we like most about Cambro products is the high quality, the durability, the flexibility and that Cambro looks at what the real need is. They are easy to clean and indestructible; the trays are extremely stable,” said Nico Obermann, head of operations engineering at Student Services Hannover.

Obermann said the students especially enjoy the trays that are personalized.

Additionally, the university has Camshelving Premium Series® in all of its cold rooms and in many of their storage areas.

Obermann said university staff likes Camshelving because it is easy to clean, hold a lot of weight and are flexible. They can easily take off the shelves to run them through a dishwasher and it’s easy to convert their shelves to different levels when needed.

Previously, their aluminum and stainless steel shelving would bend but they’ve observed increased stability in their Camshelving.

Choosing Camshelving also allowed them to increase safety and decrease accidental damages with Premium Series Shelf Rails. The rails are installed on the back and sides on some of their units to prevent chefs from accidentally damaging the wall behind the shelving when they put items away and to prevent items from falling off the sides. Eliminating repairs in their storage rooms allow them to significantly lower costs in the long run. 

“The health inspector has already confirmed and praised that the Cambro system is flawless in terms of storage and handling of the rooms."

Nico Obermann, Head of Operations Engineering

“All employees who have already worked with Cambro shelving do not want to use anything else. It’s an immense time savings due to mobility, maintenance, cleaning and flexibility. We buy only Cambro shelving for all university canteens and cafeterias,” said Obermann. 

You might say Student Services Hannover has a bit of experience providing student meals; they celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2021.

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