3 Reasons Camshelving is Better Than Your Metal Shelving

When Angelo Vecchi, Kitchen Manager at Wamesit Lanes, went to the New England Food Expo and entered to win a Camshelving® transformation, he didn’t think much of it. A few weeks later, he received a call he never expected: he won!

“I just couldn’t believe it,” said Vecchi.

Wamesit Lanes is a family entertainment center with 36 bowling lanes, 60 video arcade games, 5 golf simulators, a restaurant and a bar. Their restaurant, Firewater Tavern, holds more than 300 people in their dining room and patio alone.

When they received their new Camshelving Elements Series units, their walk-in was truly transformed.

“I’ve been doing this for 35 years and every [shelving unit] has been the same issue until I got these new [Camshelving®] units in; these new ones are a game changer,” Vecchi.

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Previously, Wamesit Lanes had metal shelving that had begun to chip and rust had developed from mop water constantly hitting it. When their shelving had rusted in the past, Vecchi’s staff would have to take everything out, power wash it, repaint it and put it back—a process that could take up to 5 hours. Now, their Camshelving will never rust and cleaning is quite different.

“You can take the shelves off, which I’ve never had that luxury where you can rip apart section by section. It takes minutes to take them apart and wash them and put them back in all clean. You don’t have to worry about rust and you don’t have to worry about breaking, you don’t have to worry about anything—it’s just incredible. It’s such a different experience,” said Vecchi.

Increased Storage

Camshelving is designed to fit together in a way that maximizes the amount of space you have, no matter how big or small.

“We’re really big and we do a lot of catering and a lot of parties. We’re centered around families, so we do a lot of kid parties and we have cupcakes all over the place. Now that I have these new Camshelving units, I actually have a whole section dedicated just to the parties now because it’s so much bigger in there,” said Vecchi.

Weight Bearing

Per food safety standards, Wamesit Lanes store their heavy cases of steak on the bottom two shelves of their shelving. Eventually, their metal shelving began to buckle from the weight. Plus, his chefs used the bottom shelves as steps because they couldn’t reach items at the top.

“I couldn’t believe how strong they were, that each shelf holds 200 pounds and then when you put that extra brace in, how strong it is,” said Vecchi. 

Camshelving allowed Vecchi to use his space more efficiently, and he was able to design his shelves lower as a result. Now, chefs shouldn’t need to climb on their shelving to reach items because they don’t need to be stacked as high.

Camshelving is everything you wish your shelving was. Contact your local Cambro rep to get started today!


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