10 Reasons Why Grillmasters Love BBQ

Anthony Bourdain once said, “Barbeque may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.” There is something about barbeque that instills a sense of pride and brings people together. Whether you cook for your family, in competitions or as a business, grillmasters know that barbeque is a labor of love that is always worth the wait. We love seeing the barbecue community use their Cambro products for prep, marinating, resting and transporting. These 10 grillmasters share what makes BBQ so special to them.

Breanna stark BBQ Grillmaster

1. BBQ is a Lifestyle

“I love that barbecue is a style of cooking that becomes a true lifestyle; the dedication to the hours spent cooking meat low and slow. The fact that pitmasters have to understand everything from fire management to the best way to trim and season a primal cut of meat. Great barbecue is a labor of love and it’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. -Breanna Stark, @married_to_bbq

Matt Groark BBQ Grillmaster

2. You Can Play with Fire

“From the very first time I fired up my first smoker there was something very primal about being able to play with fire! Learning to control it in a way that enhances the flavor, texture and experience of food is something very special!” -Matt Groark, @groarkboysbbq

Misty Banchero, BBQ grillmaster

3.Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

“One of the most rewarding moments I have is to see the finished product. After hours of brisket “tending” all night long, not much beats the sight & smell of a smoked brisket right out of the wrap after a 16+ hour cook. Seeing the perfect crust beaded with moisture, the steam rising as you open it up with the aroma of smoked beef in the air, the taste of any miscellaneous crumbs that fall onto the cutting board and the reveal of the first tender & juicy slice. You take a bite and instantly forget the lack of sleep, and you love it so much you just can’t wait to share it with your family, as well as your social media BBQ family.” -Misty Banchero, @seattlebutcherswife

tim shelburn BBQ Pittmaster

4. Makes People Happy

“I love seeing the faces off our guests when they are about to eat!” -Tim Shelburn, @tshelburn

5. The Calm Before the Storm

“My favorite part of BBQ is at about 4am. The briskets are on and I’m just sitting in my chair with a cup of coffee. The only thing I hear is the fire crackling; nothing to do but wait. The calm before the delicious storm.” -Jon Lathrop, @grabeminthebrisket

Tim van doren BBQ Pittmaster

6. BBQ Gives You a Break

“The main thing I like about BBQ is that no matter what is going on in the world, BBQing and cooking always bring people together and puts smiles on their faces!” -Tim Van Doren, @Bamagrillmaster

Ron - BBQ Pittmaster

7. The Process

“What I love about BBQ is the process; The act of lighting the charcoal is almost primal. Man, meat, fire…. once that first smell of smoke rolling hits, it just makes the senses reel. Controlling the temperatures of the pit and utilizing the techniques I’ve picked up to properly turn a hunk of meat into a delicious treat is the ultimate satisfaction. There’s no better feeling than slicing into a well cooked and rested brisket to see that beautiful smoke ring and with a slight press, the moisture that gushes out.” -Ron Dimpflmaier, @cptnron302

Steve Meger - BBQ Pittmaster

8. Work Hard, Nap Hard

“What makes BBQ special to me is the ability to create something, add your own personal touches to it and then get to share it with the people in your life that you love. Although food is a necessity it is also an outlet for those who cook and those who eat (or both in my case). I think BBQ has brought people together since we could harness the power of fire and has evolved into this amazing community through events and social media. When your passion can make others smile and want to take a nap after, you know it's worth every second.” -Steve Meger, @hockey_house_grill

Hunt BBQ Pittmaster

9. Hot BBQ Conversation

“Everybody wants in on a BBQ! There’s something about the low and slow process that makes people slow down and relate to one another. As we wait, we talk about the steps taken on this cook and the lessons learned from previous cooks—what worked and what didn’t. It gives us the opportunity to talk about life. Then, the food comes out! The food is like a vessel for all of those lessons learned, conversations and relationships to be taken as a delicious bite of meat that has its own story to tell.” -Josh Hunt, @joshhunt_griddlin

Operation BBQ Relief - GoBox

10. BBQ is for Everyone

“Ultimately, I believe BBQ is comfort food. It doesn’t matter what your culture or heritage is, every single human celebrates around BBQ and their version of BBQ. It doesn’t matter if it’s a seafood boil down in Louisiana, it doesn’t matter if it’s a lobster boil in the Northeast, it doesn’t matter if it’s a whole hog coming out of South Carolina.” -David Marks, Head of Business Development at Operation BBQ Relief

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