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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Dining

What used to be optional has become a necessity: outdoor dining. Whether you’ve been providing service outdoors for years or since the coronavirus pandemic, there are many ways to streamline your processes to provide a better experience for guests and less extra work for employees. Cambro products are built to withstand harsh environments, including the varying types of weather experienced across the country. We outlined four ways to make your restaurant’s outdoor dining more efficient and successful overall.

  1. Expedite drink service with a CamBar®

Everyone is happier with a drink in their hand. Whether it’s soda, a cocktail or an ice-cold beer, guests are more willing to take wait times in stride when they have a drink to occupy them. Using a CamBar, you can create an outdoor bar to rival the one you have inside your restaurant.  With the ability to hold between five and seven bottles in the speed rail and basic, pre-mix or post-mix soda systems, bartenders can easily make your most popular cocktails anywhere.

Stock your CamBar with ColdFest® pans to keep garnishes cold and fresh for hours and Camliters® to hold batched cocktails for expedited drink service. To ensure bartenders always have the glasses they need, we suggest keeping a stack of Camracks® near your CamBar. Closed outer walls and personalized Extender ID Clips keep Camracks clean and organized. 

  1. Create an outdoor service station

On a busy night, you want to keep turning tables as quickly as possible. When bussers have to run from the BOH to the outdoor dining area all night, they’re extremely inefficient and they’ll get worn out. Make it easier for bussers to keep tables clean during and after service with an outdoor service station.

The foundation of the station is a KD Cart or Service Cart Pro. Stock its shelves with Cambox® Bus Boxes for bussers to easily grab, clear dishes and return to the cart. When everything is full, easily wheel the cart to the back to unload. You can also utilize a Versa Organizer to keep straws, napkins and condiments close for servers to quickly grab for guests.

  1. Safely hold complimentary menu items

When guests sit down, a basket of warm chips and a side of cold salsa will always bring a smile to their faces. Keep your complimentary menu items cold prior to service with front loading Cam GoBoxes®. You can even add a Camwarmer® or Camchiller® to help extend hot and cold holding times past the typical four hours, ensuring sufficient stock through busy weekend rushes.  

  1. Provide essential drinks quickly

Something as simple as an empty water glass can make a guest unhappy. No matter what the temperature is outside, beverages always stay at the ideal temperatures inside a Camtainer®. Use a Camtainer to refill water pitchers or fill it with coffee to keep guests caffeinated during the breakfast rush.

Rumor has it, when Vanilla Ice was inspired for the song “Ice, Ice Baby,” he was looking at our SlidingLid™ Ice Caddy. Our ice caddies keep ice frozen for days—literally. In order to significantly decrease cross-contamination risks, we designed our ice caddies with a unique lid that slides back and under during use.

Outdoor dining has become a mainstay in restaurants everywhere, and your guests want it that way! Treat them to the same level of service as they receive inside when they’re sitting outside by utilizing these Cambro product combinations. Contact your local Cambro sales rep for a personalized outdoor dining consultation.


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