4 Ways the CamBar can Increase Your Profits

Summer is almost officially here, and the hospitality business is booming. After a rough go during the coronavirus pandemic, hotels and catering halls are seeing a resurgence in visitors and special events. With people enjoying vacations and large group gatherings again, hospitality foodservice has the opportunity to provide excellent service while increasing profits. One of the best ways to do this: beverages. Using the CamBar, we explain the best ways to capitalize on drink service this summer.

  1. Poolside

No vacation is complete without laying poolside with an ice cold cocktail. Social distancing will likely still be encouraged, and no one wants to wait in long lines in the sun for a drink. Every pool area could use an extra bar to expedite service and keep customers separated, especially those with multiple pools and jacuzzi areas. Constructed from durable, waterproof plastic, CamBars will last you summer after summer because they won’t crack, dent, bubble, rust or chip. When service is done for the day, simply wheel your CamBar back into storage until the next day.

Every CamBar model has room for ice, mixers and bottles, in addition to extra storage space. If you prefer a soda system, both the CamBar 650 and CamBar 730 are well equipped. If you need more ice storage, employ a SlidingLid™ Ice Caddy. Your ice will hold for days thanks to CFC-free foam insulation and a recessed well and drain shelf that keeps ice away from water.

  1. Special Events

Brides and grooms who have patiently waited through the pandemic are finally getting their time to shine. Those who opted to wait until capacity restrictions were eased are ready to finally have their big day. If there’s somewhere guests love to spend their time during a wedding, it’s the bar. Corporate events will slowly start returning, too, and that crowd likes their beverages as well. Basically, any large event you can think of requires beverage support. CamBars are ideal for events that are often held outdoors or in multi-purpose conference rooms that allow you to essentially build the space from the ground up.

  1. Onsite Restaurants

Many hotels and resorts have more than one restaurant on-site. In a recent survey by OpenTable, 82 percent of respondents said they want restaurants to continue to increase outdoor seating in 2021. What used to be considered a last resort is now a highly requested dining area. The downside for restaurants is that these outdoor areas are often a long walk from the bar and kitchen. Installing a CamBar in the corner of your restaurant’s outdoor patio area is the perfect way for servers to keep drinks full no matter where customers are seated.

If your restaurant doesn’t have outdoor seating, another great way to utilize a CamBar is to serve waiting customers. As restaurants get busier, some customers won’t be accustomed to long wait times. Ease the growing pains by providing a quick and easy way for them to enjoy a drink while they wait. CamBars provide a professional impression and capabilities to customers as soon as they arrive. 

BONUS: Golf Courses

What could be better than a hole-in-one? An ice cold drink waiting to celebrate! Keep thirsty golfers satisfied by setting up a CamBar on the 9th hole. Not only can they get a refill while they are passing by, it gives employees providing mobile service a closer bar area to grab additional product or special drinks that cannot be transported.  

Not sure which CamBar is the best model for you?

Small, but Mighty: CamBar 540

  • Ideal for intimate gatherings and limited space
  • 80 lb. ice sink
  • 5-bottle speed rail
  • Adequate space to hold soda and mixers
  • Six standard decor colors and three designer decor colors

Just Right: CamBar 650

  • Ideal for mid-size events
  • 80 lb. ice sink with sealed-in cold plate and cover
  • 7-bottle speed rail
  • Choice of Basic, Pre-mix, and Post-mix systems 
  • GFI protected 110v or 220v power outlet 
  • Five standard decor colors and four designer decor colors

Go Big or Go Home: CamBar 730

  • Ideal for banquets and large events
  • 80 lb. ice sink with sealed-in cold plate and cover
  • 7-bottle speed rail
  • Choice of Basic, Pre-mix and Post-mix systems
  • GFI protected 110v or 220v power outlet 
  • Five standard decor colors and four designer decor colors

Take the Which CamBar is Best for Your Business? Quiz to find the right solution for you. 


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