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Cambro Manufacturing Debuts New Cam GoBox® for Beverages, Takeout


Cambro debuts a new size in its extremely successful Cam GoBox insulated transport line. The Cam GoBox EPP140 is made of the same expanded polypropylene material as the rest of the GoBox products. Incredibly durable and lightweight, the GoBox EPP140 fits one 4-inch deep food pan or up to 15 drinks with the GoBox Beverage Cup Holder accessory. The GoBox EPP140 is ideal for transporting takeout containers, takeout beverages and family-size meal orders.

EPP140_2Cam GoBoxes hold food at safe temperatures for at least four hours and keeps bottled beverages cold for at least three hours. Hot or cold beverages held with the GoBox Beverage Cup Holder accessory maintain temperatures and consistency for at least 30 minutes. Blended and iced drinks hold texture better with the GoBox EPP140 because the smaller design removes any ambient air.

Extend hot holding time by adding a Camwarmer or extend cold holding time by adding a Camchiller with Camchiller Insert.  The GoBox EPP140 is compatible with GoBox colored lids, Cam GoBox Extender and Camdolly Compact. GoBox EPP140 is safely stackable with itself and with GoBoxes EPP160 and EPP180.

Make It a Combo

Complete your delivery package with new Cam GoBox Beverage Cup Holders. Use this sturdy modular Beverage Holder for transporting hot or cold drinks with ease. Interlocking units connect to hold up to 15 drinks in any Full Size Top Loader GoBox. Use with hot or cold cups, sized 8 oz. to 32 oz.



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