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5 Cambro Products for Hauntingly Successful Ghost Kitchens

First came delivery, next came the ghost kitchen. The trend started thanks to the rise in popularity in third-party delivery apps, and it’s predicted to stay because both patrons and operators are giving it a five-star rating. While some foodservice staples are necessary in every kitchen, there are other products that are especially important in a shared kitchen. If you’re thinking about operating within a ghost kitchen, these are the Cambro products you need to support it:

  1. Efficient food storage and preservation

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A ghost kitchen isn’t so different than the typical back-of-house of any other restaurant. Food is delivered, prepped and stored. However, if an average back-of-house has limited space, ghost kitchens have even less. Get the absolute most out of your space by storing your food efficiently. When space is a concern, always choose CamSquares and Camwear Food Pans. CamSquares give you 33 percent better space usage than their counterparts. Now, in order to get that 33 percent, you need to make sure your CamSquares have lids. Plastic wrap might feel easier, but it has zero stackability. Don’t let lazy habits compromise your storage capabilities. Stackable containers don’t just provide space efficiency, they keep food fresher too. We’ve found that when food is stored with a Cambro container and Seal Cover, its shelf life is extended by up to three days. More space and food that is fresher, longer? Sounds spookily perfect to us.

  1. Hot-holding tools

While traditional restaurants serve food as soon as the order is up, ghost kitchens have much different timelines. In between waiting for items to be ordered and picked up, it’s important to keep food at safe temperatures until the next step is ready. Whether you need a place to keep prepped food hot or completed meals warm, an electric insulated unit is key. Cambro’s UPCH400 Heated Pan Carrier protects food without drying it out. This unit is also ideal for spaces with limited electrical outlets. If you need a unit with a bigger capacity, the UPCH800 Heated Cart fits up to 12 full-size 2 ½ GN 1/1 pans.

BONUS: These electric units hold heat when they’re unplugged too. Use them during transport for at least four hours of continued heat retention.

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  1. Lock up your valuables

One of the reasons ghost kitchens are more affordable than traditional restaurants is because multiple tenants are renting the same space. Depending on the concept, some businesses might run while your business is closed. Keep your tools, equipment and expensive ingredients safe by locking them up when they’re not in-use. The duo of Camshelving and a Security Cage prepares your kitchen for success while protecting your investment. Camshelving is rust-free and easy to adjust if the size and type of its contents change frequently. Cambro’s Security Cage comes in two sizes and is both heavy duty and rust free. Protecting your profits and your business against theft is something you can’t put a price tag on.

  1. Lightweight insulated transport units

In addition to orders through third-party delivery apps, ghost kitchens provide the perfect opportunity for catering. Expand your business by creating a website and offering to cater select menu items. Doing this will allow you to keep your catering operation in-house and take home more money at the end of the day. Equip employees with lightweight insulated transport units that will keep food at the right temperature while making them easy to handle. Cambro’s Top Loading Cam GoBox keep food at safe temperatures for at least four hours while being extremely light—even your smallest employee will feel confident carrying them!

GoBox catering

  1. Start controlling your delivery

When you start a new concept out of a ghost kitchen, your main source of customers will most likely come from a third-party delivery app. Customers expect food to arrive in the same condition as it would be served at their table in a restaurant. However, once a third-party driver takes an order, everything else that happens is out of your hands. As you continue to gain more visibility and more loyal customers, you will have the opportunity to take control of the delivery process yourself. We suggest translating those customers to your own app, where you can control who is delivering your food and how they’re delivering it. Equip your drivers with Cambro GoBags to keep food safe and fresh from the kitchen to your customer’s door. These durable, lightweight bags hold in heat and are easy to clean.


Ghost kitchens are expected to continue growing, with both small businesses and large fast-food chains, like Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s, already participating in the trend. Contact your local Cambro rep for more information on these products and how to equip your ghost kitchen for success.


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