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How to Save Money with Cambro’s Newest Non-Skid Service Tray

EpicTread Tray

Product: EpicTread™ Tray  | Availability: Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Middle East

Constructed with a durable non-slip surface and sleek handles, the EpicTread Tray is ideal for use in cafés, quick service restaurants and high-traffic food courts. The EpicTread Tray is designed with a clear, molded- surface that keeps meals and beverages in place, eliminating the need for tray mats. This stylish tray upgrades the décor of your operation thanks to six contemporary colour selections.

The lightweight EpicTread Tray is made of high-impact fiberglass that won’t absorb liquids or come off. Not only is it safe for high-temperature dishwashers up to three times daily, stacking lugs keep trays securely in place to ensure proper air flow for faster drying.

Cambro’s EpicTread Tray Calculator, available on desktop and the Cambro App, allows you to input the average number of dine-in meals you serve per month, the amount you spend per case of tray mats and the cost of those mats to see how much money you’re spending in comparison to purchasing Cambro’s EpicTread Trays. See for yourself how much money and paper you’re wasting each year—and how switching to Cambro’s EpicTread Trays will help your bottom line in the future.

An average quick-service restaurant can save thousands of dollars at each location by switching from paper tray mats to Cambro’s EpicTread Trays!

Step by Step

  1. Input your average number of dine-in meals.
  2. Input the current number of trays your operation uses.
  3. Input the price per case of tray mats you purchase.
  4. The results quantify how many tray mats you’re going through each year, how much you’re spending on tray mats and the cost of switching to EpicTread Trays.
  5. After seeing the numbers for yourself, request a sample to get started on changing your operation’s trays for the better.

Try the EpicTread Tray calculator today!


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