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McDonald’s Italy Selects Cambro as New Tray Supplier

Plain Century Wood Grain Tray in Light OakMcDonald’s Italy is revamping their front of house experience with the adoption of Cambro’s Century Wood Grain trays. With the goal of sustainability and attractive design in mind, Century Wood Grain trays improve the overall cohesion of the restaurant’s interior while decreasing the number of trays that are replaced each year. With an initial order of 204,000 trays, every McDonald’s location in Italy is expected to switch over to the Century Wood Grain trays by the end of 2019.

Made with high-performance polyester, the Century Wood Grain tray combines the authentic look of wood grain with a lasting durability. The scratch, stain, chemical and break‑resistant design make it ideal for use in high traffic self-serve restaurants like McDonald’s Italy. The textured wood grain pattern covers the tray from edge to edge and top and bottom for a real wood look and feel. The Century Wood Grain tray is available in five textured wood grain patterns; the Light Oak Century Wood Grain trays perfectly match McDonald’s Italy’s store and McCafe décor.

By switching to Century Wood Grain trays, McDonald’s Italy will be able to reuse the same trays for at least five years. In comparison, their previous trays were replaced about every year and they required disposable mats. McDonald’s Italy will save a least €1 million a year from not having to purchase disposable tray mats while simultaneously saving landfills from previous regularly discarded waste. Century Wood Grain trays are dishwasher safe and can be washed as often and frequently as needed.


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