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Half of the reasons people go out for brunch is for the drinks! A wise inspirational poster on Pinterest once said, “Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast.” Keep brunch customers happy and drink service flowing all morning and into the afternoon with Cambro’s beverage service products. From barware to cold holding, Cambro products keep drinks safe and at temperature. We identify the best Cambro products to support your boozy brunch.

Customize Your Mimosa

For mimosa lovers, there is nothing worse than getting a pre-mixed mimosa that is all orange juice and very little champagne. Keep customers happy by allowing them to pour in exactly how much orange juice they want in their drink. The smallest Cambro Camliters are available in 250 ml and 500ml, the perfect size to fill up with orange juice and deliver to tables. The small size allows restaurants to waste less orange juice because it’s only served in small increments. If you want to up your brunch ante, include multiplemimosa Camliters filled with different fruit juices such as grapefruit juice, pineapple juice and pomegranate juice. For operations that use large amounts of orange juice, Camliters are also available in one liter sizes.

Cheers Responsibly

Although champagne is traditionally served in a champagne glass, wine glasses are a great alternative for mimosas. They hold a significant amount more and allow servers to do less refilling. Brunch can be the busiest time of the day at some restaurants and customers expect their bottomless refills to happen fast. Save employees extra time and eliminate the possibility of broken glass with Cambro Wine Glasses. Depending on your locale, brunch can be a crazy time and accidents inevitably happen. Save yourself the stress by choosing Cambro’s virtually unbreakable Camwear instead.

Have a Bloody Good Time

bloody mary2The Bloody Mary makes it fun and socially acceptable to drink vodka before noon, and no good brunch would be complete without it. It’s recently become trendy for restaurants to entice customers to come in for brunch based on their Bloody Mary’s alone, topping them with bacon, mini cheeseburgers and skewers of different types of olives. Cambro Huntington Tumblers provide the elegance of glass without the potential mess. Made of the same dependable Camwear material as Cambro Wine Glasses, they are lightweight and easy to carry. Nothing ruins a good time like a spilled drink. Make sure your drinks stay on your trays and off the floor by delivering them with Cambro’s Camtread trays.

Keep Beverages Cold

Summertime calls for brunch out on the patio. While customers might enjoy the warm weather, they won’t enjoy warm champagne. Cambro has two products to keep your champagne ice cold despite hot and humid temperatures. Pedestal Bowl no background wineIf you allow customers to serve champagne to themselves, choose Cambro’s Wine Bucket. Simply fill it with ice and dunk the champagne bottle into it to keep it chilled. If your servers maintain drink levels themselves, choose Cambro’s Pebbled Pedestal Punch Bowls. The punch bowls are big enough to hold a significant amount of ice and multiple bottles. Keep bowls in the shade at a serving station and pull out bottles when needed.

Keep your brunch service all champagne wishes and pancake dreams with the support of these Cambro products. For more information, contact your Cambro rep.


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