5 Cambro Products to Make Your Brand Memorable


Make sure customers get the scope of your brand from the moment they walk in the door. While the menu is arguably the most important part of a foodservice business, establishing your brand is becoming nearly as important. Customers expect quality food everywhere they go at this point, meaning you need to find more ways to entice them to make a visit and keep coming back for more. Good food needs to be supported by good products. Cambro products can launch your brand into something that keeps up with trends, retains quality and exudes a professional look to the outside world. We have 5 Cambro products to make your brand memorable:

  1. Camtainer

UC250CVR Camtainer CoverThe Camtainer has been depended on by foodservice operations for decades because it is durable, long-lasting and keeps beverages at the ideal temperature for at least four hours. If you’re looking to make your Camtainer standout visually, there are multiple options available. Cambro offers embroidered Camtainer Covers to make your unit look more attractive and represent your brand.

Other options include a little more creativity. Many companies, like Red Whale Coffee, choose a Camtainer color that automatically associates customers with their brand and then add stickers for an extra boost of brand awareness. If you’re looking to really make a statement, companies like Visual EFX Signs & Graphics will wrap your entire Camtainer with an eye-catching design. These Dutch Bros. Coffee Camtainers keep drinks hot and look good while doing it.

Photo credit Instagram: @rjstickerman_efx5 ; @redwhalecoffee

  1. Cambro Serving Bowls

Carl and Chelle's salad bar

Skip the disposable pans and move your presentation a step above the rest. It’s very common to see cold items and condiments in disposable pans on display for an event. There is no reason these items need to be held in such a casual and unattractive container. Take a look at how Carl and Chelle’s set up the salad bar at this rehearsal dinner. It’s so lush, you could take a dive in it. With food, appearance is very important. Carl and Chelle’s used a variety of Cambro serving bowls to present this couple with a beautiful, functional setup that looks leaps and bounds above a display with disposable pans. Make sure customers remember how delicious your food was—down to how it was served.

BONUS: Use Cambro crocks to display salad dressings and specialty toppings. They resist stains, are easy to clean and have a snap-tight lid available to lock-in freshness during storage or transport.

Photo credit: @carl_the_cook

  1. Cambro Delivery GoBags


In the great delivery race, it pays to do anything that will get you ahead of the competition. With many restaurants opting to use third-party delivery services, make your brand’s in-house delivery standout. If you’re going to keep control of your delivery, you have the opportunity to see to it that food is delivered in the very best way possible. Cambro Delivery GoBags are sturdy, keep food at the ideal temperature during transport and are easy to clean. Not only do GoBags keep your food safe, they have the option of being personalized. Panera Bread is a big purchaser of personalized GoBags. They have been applauded for their successful in-house delivery and the early adoption of their own program. Each time a customer receives their food, they see the Panera Bread logo emblazoned on the side as an extra reminder of the brand that made it possible. Keep your brand top of mind for every customer from ordering up to delivery with personalized GoBags.

  1. Camtrays


There are multiple ways to utilize Cambro trays to make your brand standout. For restaurants with cafeteria-style serving, customers get used to picking up a tray each time they enter the serving line. That means you have a chance to make two impressions each time a customer comes in to eat. First, with the tray they’re holding and second, with the food they eat on top of it. Manny’s Deli has their logo imprinted on their trays twice. When you look at this photo of their mouthwatering pastrami sandwich, there is no question about where it came from. In the age of social media, that is a great asset to have.

Photo credit: @MannysDeli

Cambro tip trays are a great way for sit-down restaurants to make their brand reach a little further. Rather than using a plain black tray to serve your receipts on, use a mini Camtray to create a tip tray with personality. Whether you’d like to add your logo or a pithy graphic, it’s an easy way to leave a last-minute impression.

dead fish tray and blue cup

Download the Cambro App and personalize your own Camtray with a logo or photo. Visit www.cambro.com/app to download.

  1. Cambro Kids Cups


What if we told you that you could keep costs down and reduce waste, all while promoting your brand? This is where Cambro Kid Cups come in to play. Almost every foodservice operation provides a kid-sized drink option. If you’re still using disposable cups, we have a more sustainable option for you. Using Cambro Kids Cups, you can save thousands of dollars each year while simultaneously reducing the waste that disposable cups become each day. Plus, Cambro Kids Cups can be customized with your operation’s logo or design to keep your brand at the forefront and get kids excited about using their own special-sized cups. Click here to calculate your savings with our Kid Cup Calculator.

Don’t sleep on these easy ways to expand the awareness of your brand. For more information, visit Cambro.com or contact your local Cambro sales representative.


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