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5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Catering Bar

Party people drinksThe party doesn’t really start until the bar opens. It’s where the crowd gathers, and once the drinks start flowing, the energy of any event really ramps up.

For your next catering event, show up to the party with a real bar, not just a 6-foot table with a black tablecloth. Portable catering bars make you look professional, plus they offer all the conveniences of a full bar anywhere for casual or formal events alike. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Here are 5 things you need to consider before buying your catering bar.

  1. Where Will the Bar be Used?

Think about the various places you’ll need to get into and out of with your catering bar: If you’re catering a private party in an apartment building, you’ll need the bar to be elevator accessible. If you’re catering an outdoor event at a golf course, you’ll need casters tough enough to make it over uneven terrain.

Ideally, the bar you choose should be easy to maneuver over and around different landscapes and in many environments. Consider if the bar will be used for indoor or outdoor events. The bar should be able to withstand the intense summer sun without cracking or fading, or make it through a surprise rainstorm.

  1. What Type of Drink Service Will You Offer?

Bottle and can service, pre-mixed drinks, or crafting custom cocktails on the fly – a good catering bar should be able to adapt to any type of event. A simple bar for display and storage can work well for wine and beer receptions. For full bar service on the go, look for a catering bar with a full post-mix dispensing system and a speed rail to hold liquor bottles.

A good, portable bar will include sufficient workspace plus storage to hold all the back stock you need.

  1. How Often Will You Use the Catering Bar?

If you’re a full-time caterer with multiple events each week, you’ll need a durable bar that can withstand bumps and spills and still look great. Look at how well made the bar is. Solid construction will ensure that your bar lasts a long time and you get the most out your purchase.

  1. How Easy is the Bar to Set up, Tear Down and Maintain?

You’ll want to spend your time crafting interesting cocktails, not assembling your bar. Look for one that needs little-to-no assembly, and that you can assemble and tear down on your own if you run a solo operation.

Also consider how easy the bar is to clean. Will you be able to clean the bar between events and have it ready when you need it? Regular maintenance will keep your bar looking good and functioning well.

  1. Extra Considerations

To really get the most out of a portable catering bar, here are a few extra things to consider:

  • Is there space for ice? Some catering bars come with a large ice well to minimize how often you need to refill it when pouring drinks.
  • Do you need electricity? Find a bar with a built-in electrical outlet so you can create all the blended drinks that guests are asking for.

One Bar that Does It All

Did you know that CamBars® do everything discussed above and more? They are made from a durable, impact-resistant, waterproof material that will not crack, dent, chip, rust or break. In short, CamBars are built to last! Lightweight and portable CamBars are also easy to setup and clean. With three sizes to choose from, there is a CamBar perfectly designed for your needs.

BAR730770 Chicago CamBar Model Mixing Pool


Go for the Economy System if you need something simple for can and bottle service only — it comes with an ice bin and speed rail. Or opt for a CamBar in the Basic or Complete Systems for more pouring and service options.

Contact your local Cambro rep to find out more about CamBars and which is the right solution for your catering needs.

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