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Don’t Mess with Honeybadger BBQ: Cambro Featured Business of the Week

You know our latest Cambro Foodservice Business of the Week selection is on the right track when it is a hit with the National Pork Board and Health Inspectors.

Honeybadger BBQ - BJ Hoffman Pork Board Top ChopGrillerLet’s start off by introducing BJ Hoffman, one of two partners in the Honeybadger BBQ and Catering operation. BJ was recently named America’s Top Chop Griller by the National Pork Board.

What inspired BJ to get into foodservice?

Cooking our own purebred Black Angus in my backyard as a kid with my dad got me hooked on BBQ. Since then my love for BBQ has blossomed into a full-time gig of catering, vending, and competing.

Having that kind of passion from a young age must translate into satisfying results at Honeybadger BBQ.

I love seeing my customer’s faces’ light up when I deliver their food and I love to hear, “Thank God it isn’t sub sandwiches again.”

Even a business named after a fearless animal encounters some challenges along the way.

HoneyBadger BBQ Cambro BlogFinding the perfect trailer that met our catering and vending needs was tough but somehow we stumbled into a gem.

As with pretty much any successful BBQ operation, Cambro plays at least a small part in helping deliver that BBQ goodness. And while it’s no different with the Honeybadger, a not-so-secret weapon makes friends with health inspectors.

My end load and top load Cambros allow me to take my food on extended deliveries. I also love my Cambro hand washing station that attaches to my beverage Cambros. This allows me to show the health inspectors I am ready to provide safe food handling all the time.

Cambro Blog - Handwash AccessoryThe handwash station is possible the most overlooked, yet vital, part of any off-site food service. The best part of the Cambro Handwash Accessory is that it makes use of a product most off-site providers already have: Cambro Camtainers and Ultra Camtainers!

We wish BJ and the Honeybadger BBQ crew continued success! As the business of the week selection, BJ will receive a prize package of Cambro storage products.

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