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Featured Business of the Week: Stacy’s Sweet Spot

Cambro Blog - Business of the week - Sweet SpotWasakiberry, Virginia Bluegrass, Tropical Heat, La Pepita, Mint Flip. If these names don’t make you immediately think of chocolate truffles and peanut brittle, let us introduce you to Stacy Noland.

Stacy’s inspiration to get into foodservice started at a young age. She developed interesting flavors for chocolate while experimenting with See’s Candy chocolates. With encouragement from her husband and friends and family she enrolled in the Professional Chocolatiers course at Ecolé Chocolate. In 2010, Stacy’s Sweet Spot was launched in Moneta, Virginia!

Stacy shares with us some insights into her business.

What do you love most about your business?

Watching people’s faces as they try our unusual flavor combinations. The shock and awe factor gets me every time.

The coolest thing to happen to Stacy’s business?

Most recently doing a cooking demo at a chocolate festival and then incorporating the demo into our booth tastings. The demo product ended up winning an award at the show. Totally unexpected!

What are the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

We have new challenges every day, but this last year has been a challenge to be able to grow our business during a family illness that totally changed our dynamic for 8 months.Currently, after leasing a storefront and getting ready to renovate the space only to find out the building foreclosed on by the bank…. Back to square 1 🙂

Stacy's Sweet Spot - Cambro Business of the week - Cambro BlogWhat Cambro products make your business work?

Stacy relies on Cambro storage containers and transporters, “Storage and transport items are key for us.”

We wish Stacy continued success – we’re sure her creativity will continue to create tasty chocolate flavors! As the featured foodservice business of the week, she will receive a storage container gift pack.

Links for Stacy’s Sweet Spot: Web | Facebook | Twitter

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