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Handwashing: Your Not-So-Secret Weapon to Keeping Guests and Employees Healthy

For foodservice operators keeping employees healthy and safe at all times is paramount. Not only are you trying to minimize being short-staffed on short-notice but it helps to keep your guests healthy and happy if your workers are also the same. But it’s that time of year again! Cold, flu and norovirus season.You may have wondered if colder weather leads to more cases of cold and flu.

As it turns out cold weather does impact cold and flu trends – check out this video:

There’s not much we can do about the weather but there are steps that can help reduce cold and flu viruses. However, foodservice operators can take at least a couple of easy to implement steps to reduce the chances of being sick:

  • if you taste the food that’s going out, never use your hands – use a spoon just once.
  • Warm or cold season, there is no 5 second rule. Once it hits the floor, it shouldn’t go near a guest’s plate.
  • And one of the most important steps continues to be handwashing.
  • For more advice, the U of Minnesota has a list – figure they would know something about the cold. Click here for more.

Check out this infographic for some interesting stats so next time you talk to your employees about handwashing you can mix in some cool stats with the reminder.

Cambro handwashing infographic

For more food safety tips check out Cambro’s StoreSafe site – click here!

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