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The Cambro Guide to Holiday Shopping

Cambro Guide To Holiday Shopping

If you’re anything like us, you’re stopping off at the local gas station on Christmas eve to pick up the last (or most) of the gifts for friends and family. With so many different tastes and interests, it’s hard to think of something special for everyone. So we’re here to help – a handy guide to buying Cambro gifts for (almost) everyone on your list.

Personality Type Gift Recommendation

hasitallThe Person Who Has Everything

Bud VaseBud Vase. If they have everything, then this is like putting the star on top of the tree. Or the bud vase on the four top.


The Sci-Fi Fan

camserverEvery Sci-Fi fan loves Star Wars. So why not give them a near replica of R2D2, more commonly referred to as a Cambro Camserver. Available in 3 and 5 gallon sizes, this item will literally quench their thirst for Sci-Fi (or at least for coffee).


BoCambro Booster Seatoster seats. Sure dining establishments are supposed to have these quality, durable booster seats available for kids. But in those odd instances where you’re juggling a meal and two kids who are sitting in chairs several years too big for them, you’ll think these booster seats are the gift that keeps on giving the whole year-round.

 The Timesavertime saver

Two Cambro Lids. When you don’t have time to slice cherry tomatoes two Cambro lids and a sharp knife will add several free minutes to your day. Check it out:

SelfieThe Person Who Loves Taking Selfies

Cambro Camtread TrayPersonalized Camtread Tray. Made for the person who wants to promote their business or themselves.

 The Frugal TypeFrugal type

Cambro Shelving. Shelving for Life. Need we say more?Cambro Camshelving

The “I BBQ No Matter the Season” Type


UPCH400. This electric heated insulated transporter is great to hold that roast, ribs and brisquet at just the right temp. And it can also be used as a space heater in a pinch.upch400

We hope this little guide is useful as you navigate the holiday season. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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