You can’t top a salad! (Except with salad toppings)

Build a Salad Bar - Cambro

It’s official. According to GrubHub Seamless, salads are the number one choice for workday lunches. If you’re looking to make your salad bar the envy of your lunch competitors there are some key elements that will make those salad bar items look good and taste even better.

  1. Start with a healthy array of greens as your base. Place in large round Pebbled Bowls or rectangular Ribbed Bowls an assortment of  crunchy romaine, wedges of iceberg, baby spinach leaves and colorful mesclun mix.
  2. Choose fresh, seasonal local veggies and layer on with the colors of the rainbow—bright orange shredded carrots, sliced red onions, julienned pumpkin squash, sliced deep purple beets, yellow corn niblets, cool cucumber rounds, sweet cherry tomatoes, green peas and black olives. Choose one of Cambro’s contemporary black, red, white or clear Deli Crocks.  They hold between 2.2 quarts to 4.9 quarts. Covers are also available for easy storage of leftovers.
  3. Present additional healthy protein choices to make the salad more well-rounded.  Try charbroiled chicken, roast turkey, cubed ham, water-packed tuna, anchovies, or boiled eggs placed in assorted Cambro Crocks.
  4. Offer a nice selection of toppings with varied textures and sweet and salty flavoring for that special accent.  Try an assortment of nuts like sunflower seeds, cashews, honey roasted pecans and candied walnuts.  Offer different textures with crispy wonton strips, tortilla chips and garlic croutons.  Or how about some shredded cheddar, or feta cheese?  And of course no salad bar would be quite complete without bacon bits!
  5. Lastly, a nice selection of dressings will be sure to keep everyone happy! Crocks and Ladles are perfect for Ranch, Italian, House, Blue cheese, Thousand Island or Caesar. Don’t forget to offer Low Cal options for the ultra-healthy as well.
Round Pebbled Bowls Crocks Deli Crocks
Cambro Round Pebbled Salad Bowl Cambro Crocks Cambro Deli Crocks
Tongs Rectangular Bowl Ladles
Cambro Tongs Cambro Rectangle Bowl Cambro Ladles

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