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Camliter Selfies: Product of the Day

Our Camliter Beverage Decanters are feeling a bit left out with the recent increase of “selfies” on social media so they decided to share a few of their own. Take a scroll through the feeds of our Camliters radical take on the art of self-portraits.

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Cambro Decanter Drinks with Friends

Hangin’ with friends.

Cambro Decanter ImIntolabels

I’m so into labels.

Cambro Decanter No Duck Face

Retire the Duck Face, Spout is in the House!

Cambro Decanter This Is Nuts

This is nuts!

Cambro Decanter DecantTouchThis

Decant touch this!

Cambro Decanter Dont stay thirsty

Don’t stay thirsty my friends.

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